Tips for Getting a Radiotelephone Operator License

We must start by saying that the FCC or the Federal Communication Commission provide licenses for international, aircraft, ship, and public communication stations.

You probably know that numerous jobs in the aviation and shipping fields require proper certification. Therefore, they feature regulations requiring individuals to get a license to perform specific assignments, including adjusting, operating, and maintaining a transmitter and additional equipment.

It would be best if you got this one to diversify your resume. The FCC provides a wide array of licenses, similarly as mentioned above, so you should be as specific as possible and understand exams to pass and get the General Operators license.

At the same time, you should determine if you want to implement a Radar Endorsement within a license, especially if you wish to work on marine vessels, which is vital to remember.

Things to Know About a License

The first thing you should do is understand who requires a license in the first place. You can check it out on the FCC official website, providing you with the helpful information you need for the process. You should check here to enter the FCC official site. 

At the same time, you can learn more about the GROL or PG, which is a general operating license is important for job positions such as maintaining and operating radio equipment in aircraft or vessels.

Besides, you should know about the general qualification because you must send and receive messages in English to pass the exam. At the same time, you must be eligible for employment and a legal resident, among other things. As soon as you get the certification, you do not have to renew it in the future, meaning it is for life.

Suppose you wish to obtain the certification. In that case, you should undergo a written exam that features two fundamental aspects, including:

  • You must handle the questions regarding operating practices and laws for maritime operators. It features twenty-four questions, and you must answer at least eighteen to pass it.
  • The next step is to answer a hundred questions, while you must answer at least seventy-five correctly. The exam will focus on general info such as adjusting techniques, equipment, basics of electronics, maintenance, repairing, and adjusting. Some categories include other procedures, including electrical principles, radio practice, signals, antennas, practical circuits, emissions, and many more.

That way, you can obtain an FCC GROL license, which will provide you peace of mind. However, if you wish to get a radar endorsement, which will allow you to operate on vessels, we recommend you pass the Ship Radar Techniques beforehand.

They focus on the practice and theory of understanding how to use a radar for navigation requirements. You must handle fifty questions, while answering at least thirty-eight correctly to pass.

Preparation Process

You can find the materials and everything else you need for the exam on the FCC’s official site. It comes with numerous questions, and you will get some of them on the exam.

You can enter the Examination Question Pool and download materials for the elements you wish to pass. In this case, you will need the first and third, while you can download the eight if you want to get radar endorsement.

It is vital to study questions thoroughly until you start understanding each step along the way. You should bring someone to quiz you to reach the best results possible. You do not have to look for additional info because you will receive only the ones from a website, which is vital to remember.


Finally, you should find a Commercial Operator License Examination Manager or COLEM to provide you with a test. Although FCC will award and administer the screening, you should choose third-party websites to obtain them properly. Therefore, they authorize COLEMs to conduct national exams, which are vital to remember.

You can reach a list of potential COLEMs on the FCC website, while the info will include fees, expenses, and other factors you should consider. When you choose the best candidate possible, the next step is to contact them and enter the next exam based on a pre-determined schedule and register.

You should enter this site: to learn more about this particular certification. Most of them will offer you online screening, apart from regular, in-person options. That is a highly beneficial option, especially if you must travel to the testing facilities.

As soon as you pass the test, they will apply on your behalf and provide you the PPC or a Proof of Passing Certificate, which is essential for a license application.