Ways to save money for college

Going to college can be very expensive, but it is an investment that can turn your life around. You can help yourself by putting some money aside from your pocket so that your stay in college will be easier. Here is how you can save money in college:

Start saving as soon as possible in a tax-free account

Most times, we start college immediately after high school. The earlier you realise you want to go to college, the sooner you should start saving for it. For instance, you can start saving from your first year in high school. If you are sure that you can save in high school, then you need to open a tax-free account. This way, there will not be any penalties when you withdraw your money. However, you need a significant amount of money o start this. You should shop around to find an option that suits you.

Leverage on special events to make money

If your relatives know about how determined you are in saving for college, they can start giving you college money. In fact, on special events like your birthdays, Christmas, New Year, Halloween, etc., you can ask that gifts be converted into money for you. To ensure this works for you, be of absolutely good character. Be ready to serve others so that they can serve you with their money when you need it.

Get a part-time job

Do not spend all of your time on schoolwork only. Look for menial jobs … Read More