6 Alternatives to College for Learning

Gone are the days when you needed to be within the four walls of a traditional college to acquire knowledge. In recent years, several learning options have gotten introduced to the world. These options are flexible, self-motivated, self-paced and at a reasonably reduced cost. If you wonder what options you have asides from going to college to learn, this article is for you.

One of the significant options you can benefit from is to look for online programming courses in the UK. Apart from an online programming course, there are several online courses such as graphic designing, writing, communications, interior designing, which you can enjoy as an alternative to college.

You may also read up other options and people’s experiences on Britainreviews.co.uk to gather more insights on the issue. By doing that, you will have more knowledge about the alternative options available, which will, in turn, help you choose the best option for you. The following are the online learning options you have as alternatives to college: –

1.  Coursera

One of the online learning options that you have as an alternative to going to college is Coursera. This online learning platform is one of the widely known and recognized online platforms. With this platform, you can acquire knowledge of your preferred and specialized courses and also get certified. One of the fascinating facts is that Coursera offers thelargest number of specialized courses, classes, and accreditation support.

2.  LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning, formerly known as “Lynda.com,” offers … Read More

Understanding Communication Technology

The word technology comes from the Latin rooted in the word textere, which means to compile or build. Technology is a set to help our activities and can reduce the uncertainty caused by the causal relationships that surround the achievement of a goal.

While communication is the process of delivering and receiving messages between two or more people in physical distance with the five senses can be used and direct feed back is in it. This, communication technology is hardware equipment in an organizational structure that contains social values, which allows each individual to collect, process and exchange information with other individuals.

The characteristics of Communication Technology

• Communication technology is a tool

• Communication Technology is born by an economic, social and political structure

• Communication technology carries the values of the structure that gave birth to it

• Communication Technology works to improve the ability of the human senses.

technology has two aspects, namely hardware (consisting of material or physical objects) and software (consisting of information to operate hardware). Because of the visible nature of hardware, it sometimes influences our perception of communication technology (always has a perception on hardware aspects).

Communication technology can bring an individual across the boundaries of space and time and get information that was not previously obtained. Humans have made media technology as a window to the world and can know events that are far away without the need to be present directly at the scene

The Difference Of Communication Technology And Information

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