Using Technology For Science Education

technology and science

What Are Science And Technology?

When engineering design is conceived as a strategy of decision making, ruled by concerns of practical rationality, the subsequent step is to specify these issues. Almost all theories of sensible rationality conceive of it as a reasoning course of the place a match between beliefs and wishes or objectives is sought. The wishes or objectives are represented by their value or utility for the choice maker, and the decision maker’s drawback is to decide on an motion that realizes a scenario that, ideally, has maximal worth or utility amongst all the conditions that might be realized. If there is uncertainty concerning he situations that might be realized by a specific motion, then the issue is conceived as aiming for maximal expectedvalue or utility. Now the instrumental perspective on know-how implies that the worth that’s at concern in the design course of viewed as a process of rational choice making just isn’t the worth of the artifacts which might be created.

They are imagined to be represented within the practical requirements defining the design task. Instead the worth to be maximized is the extent to which a specific design meets the functional requirements defining the design … Read More

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