The Use of Calculus in the Field of Informatics Methods

Calculus comes from the Latin calculus which means “small stone is a branch of mathematics that includes limits, derivatives, integrals, and infinite series”. Calculus has wide applications in science and methods and is used to solve environmental problems for which algebra is not sufficient to solve.

The application of calculus is very broad and is used to solve environmental problems. Therefore, with the existence of PCs / technology that continues to be up to date, it will make it easier to solve it. Because calculus itself is a continuation of mathematics, precisely a combination of physics & mathematics. Calculus is useful for training our “logic” in thinking, because every problem we encounter every day, especially in the field of informatics methods, can actually be solved by simplifying logic.


In the field of Artificial Intelligence, calculus is very useful. In the field of calculus informatics methods the limit section is used to create Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence).

Intelligence is created and incorporated into a machine/pc so that it can do the kind of work that humans can do. Some of the various fields that use artificial intelligence include expert systems, PC games (games), fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks and robotics. Many things seem difficult for human intelligence, but for informatics it is not very difficult. Such examples: transforming equations, solving integral equations, making chess games or Backgammon. For example yahoo If we answer

we get 2 points right away, then if we get the best answer it will automatically get 10 points, then there will be calculations until the answer is 7 months later, 2 minutes later, because it is impossible for humans to calculate it in the source code and database of something on the web, one of which named


Here’s a piece of calculus that’s useful in the IT world:

A vector is a quantity that has both a value and a direction.

In navigation, vectors greatly affect the existence of a position in terms of a movement (vehicle or otherwise) which is called Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.

Aircraft Navigation, all aircraft will be equipped or equipped with GPS so as not to get lost when carrying out flights. From the instrument panels in the cockpit of the aircraft to share various data ranging from the direction of the destination, the speed, to the altitude of the aircraft.

Limits are used in calculus to find derivatives and continuity.

Utilization of limits in the field of Informatics Methods to create artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) is an artificial intelligence where AI is a branch of the informatics method which in presenting knowledge uses the form of symbols rather than numbers and processes information based on heuristic methods or by using data sources. on some terms.

For example yahoo. If we respond to a problem we will get points but if we get the best answer we will get more points as well. and also there is a calculation until the answer is months later, hours later, it is impossible for humans to calculate it in the source code and web database there is one of them called limits.

Linear is a part of mathematics that deals with vector spaces, along with their components such as bases, coordinate systems, and linear transformations between 2(2) spaces.


Linear is a very popular and reliable method of solving useful optimization problems. In addition, the linear function is very simple.

Applications in the field of Informatics Methods are in Network Systems.

Differential or Derivative is a branch of calculus in mathematics that deals with how the value of something changes for the change in its input value.

The derivative (differential) is used as a tool to solve various problems in geometry and mechanics.

The use of derivatives in the field of informatics methods is the Graphmatica Application, which is a graph-making software created by kSoft, Inc. This software feature is shareware and can be downloaded on the website

Integral is a concept of continuous addition in mathematics, along with its inverse, or it can also be said as the opposite of differentiation or anti-derivative.

Integral is used for making Ray tracing. Ray tracing is a method for creating photos made in 3D computer areas. Its working method is to trace a light (ray) from an imaginary eye that passes through a pixel on a virtual screen and accumulates the contribution of each light in the scene at that pixel. Each light that comes from the eye is judged whether it intersects / collides with objects in the scene. Scene is a collection of objects and light sources that the observer wants to see. Every time there is a collision between light and object, the pixel color is updated, then depending on the type of object material and the algorithm used, the light can be passed or removed.

With this ray tracing procedure, we can make various impacts that are difficult or even impossible by other methods. Among these effects are reflection, translucency, and shadows.