The chess players rebel to be able to go to the bathroom

Fifty teams participating in the Chess Olympiad in Baku , including Spain, have signed a petition to abolish the rules for going to the bathroom during the games, introduced by the International Federation (FIDE), to avoid cheating the players.

Judit Polgar, captain of the Hungarian team; Jonathan Speelman, from England; Yasser Seirawan, from the United States, and Spaniard Jordi Magem are some of the signatories of the letter requesting the abolition of the new rule that requires players to inform an arbitrator each time they want to go to the bathroom.

FIDE introduced the rule to prevent players from using computers when they go to the toilets, as has already been noted. For the signatories, the rule is absurd and humiliating and, in addition, can be an advantage for the adversaries of nervous players, elderly or sick, according to the specialized page Chess24.

The regulation prohibits for years from entering the game room with electronic devices or mobile phones. If they sound during the game, their owner loses.

The implementation of wave inhibitors and metal detectors has also been tried out in important competitions. The regulation to go to the bathroom is the latest initiative to combat the fraudulent use of computers, capable of analyzing millions of combinations per second.

The signatories of the letter point out that “the restrooms have always been considered part of the Play Area, which makes this rule absurd and humiliating for the players, who do not have to discuss their biological functions with the FIDE officials” .

“Even referees may have the need to go to the bathroom at some point, and it would be unacceptable that players who have much need have to wait for them to return,” warn the signing captains.

The lawsuit stresses that “due to the stress caused by chess, many players go to the bathroom repeatedly during their games” and understand that “this, in no way implies that they are cheating, but simply that they are nervous. Older players and in certain medical conditions could also go to the restrooms quite frequently. ”

They also warn of a possible advantage for the opponent of the player who goes to the bathroom. “The fact of informing the referee gives information to his opponent, who could decide to make his move quickly while running the clock of his opponent. No player should have the obligation to perform an action that can favor his opponent. ”

“Respectfully, we suggest that it is not the role of FIDE to penalize players for their nervousness, age or medical condition, and we trust that this harmful rule will be rescinded,” the petition concludes. The Chess Olympiad, one of the most prestigious competitions in science-games, brings together 2,500 players -men and women- from 180 countries in the capital of Azerbaijan. Also visit Different Types of Shower Heads Available for bathroom here.

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