Promotion and dissemination of chess for women

As we know, the game of chess began officially practiced by and among women from the Middle Ages. Their participation in the game of kings is usually limited to it can be done at home with his “divine” spouse or see it as a pretty fun with a friend.

Painting of Frederick Judd Waugh

Fellow citizens, who heard about “the chess activities” of women with her husband or marriage candidate, saw in these meetings together, provided they were not husband, a serious step towards the foundation of a family.

We comment that chess was already in their time a good opportunity to get along with the applicant on the board.

In line with the professor of economic history in London and Cambridge, Mrs. Eileen Powers, young family taught accommodated a monastic education learning the following subjects:

• read and write

• storytelling, reading romantic books and poems review

• know the womenswear, Rosh Maternal and appropriate clothing

• improve behavior and express themselves correctly

• be perceptive

• know teach teaching and …

• play chess


This :

Following the more than regrettable fact that women’s participation in open tournaments is far from satisfactory, perhaps because they are very young, middle-aged or older women, this article is intended to serve as advertising to the promotion and dissemination chess for women .


Our beloved and ladies:

Think Udes .for once on the following arguments: “In times that are characterized by the busy life, consumerism, foreign determination and a highly endowed diversionary measures, the importance to a compensative activities for the general reflection and self-reflection.

In this aspect, the game offers multiple possibilities lajedrez.

Painting John Lavery

Regardless of the positive effect on memory training, it contains a lot of creative people aspects.

artistic nuances, scientific and sports in chess, educational individual moments that have effects both in society and solidarity are.

For these reasons, chess can make an important contribution to support training and education in schools ….

It is never too late to learn chess!

Although the methods have changed and the form of teaching from the Middle Ages to today and have not yet reached past successes in schools, we present below a series of silhouettes, that aim to reflect, they dare and actually become the subject of chess:


All silhouettes from © Sarah’s Chess Journal

Is not it wonderful to know by chess?

PD Moreover, nobody demands that young talent to the level of beauty reproduced below:

Anibal Lopez painting Lenci

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