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This page contains links to other sites related to chess.

Play chess online Ludoteka : On this site you can play chess online with hundreds of users.

DavChess : The site can play chess online with your friends.

Federations and Associations

Chess in Talavera : Visit the Talavera Chess Club where you’ll find a monthly chess magazine .

Central Chess Federation : website of the Central Chess Federation of Costa Rica.

Entrerriana Chess Federation : Site Entrerriana Chess Federation.

FADA : Site of Argentina Chess Federation.

Chess in Cuba : The website of the Cuban Chess Federation.

Salteña Federation : Salteña website of the Chess Federation.

Posadas Chess : Chess Club Site Posadas.

Chess Berisso : Website Chess Club Berisso.

FAOGBA : Website of the Western Federation of Greater Buenos Aires.

Hope Chess : School Site chess Esperanza. It has a monthly chess magazine.

ARA : Home Rosarina Chess Association.

FMDA : The site of the Metropolitan Chess Federation of Argentina.

Martelli Chess : Chess Circle website Villa Martelli.

Junin chess : chess site of the Municipal School of Chess of Junin.

Chess Escobar : Escobar chess site.

FANEBA : Site Chess Chess Federation Northeast Buenos Aires, Argentina.

HungaraChess : Site Chess Association Córdoba City.

CA Monte Grande : Page Chess Club Atlético Monte Grande.

FMA : Site where you will find tournament news Mar Del Plata and the rest of Argentina.

CALMAT : Site of School Chess La Matanza.

White Tower : Chess Circle Web Torre Blanca.

FAO : Site of the Chess Federation of Olavarria.

Club Aranjuez chess : chess club page Aranjuez, Madrid, with information on the Children’s Cup Spain, items, biographies, search engines and Elo calculation, openings, etc.

Blogs and chess

Area chess on this site prune to find material for pricipiantes, courses, videos and annotated games;Opinion pieces; Interviews with chess; Chess mail and News

WaldyChess : Find on this site, news, downloads and videos of chess.

Viveajedrez : Blog Richard Parkes chess Navea. Very complete. Visit him.

EnroqueCorto : Blog of José Antonio García belonging to chair chess club on Sunday.

Chess Digital Journalist : Site where chess news are published daily. Recommended.

LAS : The Adventures of Sarakhatkhan. Visit him…

AjedrezPY : All chess in Paraguay you will find on this site.

Chessvibes (English): A very good blog with lots of information chess.

Guillem blog : Find chess blog Guillem Baches.

Passion for chess : A Uruguayan blog dedicated to the promotion of chess. Recommended.

Asturianeando : The chess blog Patricia Llaneza.

Peon Ocho : Play chess online pawn eight.

Chess stories : Blog of International Master Michael Rahal find where said analysis of games and tournaments. Visit him.

ZeroChess : “Chess, this fantastic world that captivated me since age 8” Pau said in his blog. Like many of us !. Visit him.

Chess : chess site recommended. It contains notes, news and a forum for chess.

Ajedrezcl : All chess in Chile.

AjedrezVasco : Forums, links, tournaments, brilliant games and training section AjedrezVasco find.

ChessMallorca : Site where you can find current information about the chess tournament. It includes a magazine.

Videos of Chess : A very nice blog where you can find videos of chess where positions are analyzed.Visit him.

Uncovered : A place where you will find articles, games, news and chess tournaments. Recommended.

Carolina Lujan : Official Site chess Carolina Lujan.

Game Science : Site where you will find information chess tournaments and other resources.

Chess problems : This is a very good blog daily chess problems. The solution can be written by visitors.

Ajedrez365 : Blog where you’ll find news, chess games and tutorials throughout the year.

Ajedrezenmadrid : Site where you can find news chess tournament in Spain and the rest of Europe.

AjedrezOnline : Blog where chess games and platforms where you can play online chess analyzes.

Chess Sertal : Recommended games blog where major international tournaments are analyzed.

Superajedrez Blog : This blog belongs to the site Super Chess dedicated to the promotion of chess.

Artedrez 260 : Encontra here all chess in Tlaxcala.

CaissaBlog : This is a blog of interesting articles, which you can discover the other side of chess. Chess is fun. I visit it.

Artedrez : A blog about the relationships that exist between chess and the arts.

Tenerife Chess News is a forum based in eListas mail that has been operating since June 9, 2002 and receives an average of 1,500 messages a year with information related to chess, but not just any interest Tenerife. To register for this forum is only necessary to send an email to .

Chess stores.

Indalchess chess shop : Here you will find all kind of chess products. Books, clocks, boards and even a section on gifts for chess players.

Chess sale : On this website you will find all the articles that interest you chess, from boards, watches and pieces of various types.

Chessy : Website of the Spanish publishing Chessy

News chess

Chess Daily News : This site is one of my favorites because it brings together a wealth of information about chess. It has news and interesting articles written by prominent chess

Wit sites

Acertijolandia : A site where you find all kinds of games, puzzles and riddles. There is also a section for chess problems.