Instagram: Charlie Riina, the hottest player in the world of chess

Charlie Riina is a model of 21 years before turning to the catwalks, was a chess prodigy and winner of tournaments girl.

Charlie Riina is a prodigy on the runways and chess. (Photo: Instagram)

The trend among models have a career with his work on the runways is increasing, but the case of Charlie Riina is unique, as you can see on your account Instagram . It is not only a professional in forensic science, but is also a chess prodigy.

Its original name is Anna Ewa Krosnika. Born in Poland, since childhood was a child prodigy, with an extremely high IQ, and from an early age showed an aptitude for chess, participating and winning some tournaments. Then she learnt How to use Instagress to improve her Instagram followers and become more well-known.

Now living in Toronto, Canada, he skipped several courses at school because of her enormous intellectual capacity and went to college before many other students.

However, as he continued his college career, he entered the world of modeling. It was named ‘Miss Hawaiian Tropic’ twice won the ‘Miss Toronto’ Award and has been featured in several publications. She has also posed for Playboy and FHM, and delights fans with their photos on Instagram .


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