Handle of saucepans and pans with chessboard design

For some of our pans, saucepans, pots or cocottes is essential to have accessories to facilitate their handling when we are cooking, without the heat is transmitted to our hands, we talk about utensils that are made of iron and one piece, Have handles that are heated the same as the surface where the food is cooked, such as wok, grill, skillet … for the latter we have found the cast iron skillet handle cover  that you can see.

More than a year ago we knew of the existence of the handles and Ibili neoprene handles , although we have more affinity with silicone protective tweezers that we can use with more cooking vessels, both directly and in the oven, for example For the trays or sources of different materials. So continuing with the ‘hobby’ of silicone in the kitchen world, its durability, versatility ,design and good price, we find this accessory of Silicone Zone, the handle for saucepans and pans.

As indicated, it is made of silicone, with temperatures of -50º C to 300º C, being able to be introduced in the freezer, oven and dishwasher for efficient and comfortable cleaning. It has a size that can be adapted to many cooking utensils, its measurements are 15’5 x 5 x 3’5 cm. And as you can see, it is available in various colors, white, black, pink, violet …

The silicone sleeve for handles is non-slip, claim that its have design like chess board, which also acts as a pad, better isolates the high temperatures, facilitates its grip and stability when taking the saucepan or frying pan from the fire, without risk of Burn us.

What we mentioned about the price, given the long life of cooking utensils made with good silicone, can be very profitable, this online store can be purchased for 7 euros, you can also find the Pot Handle on Amazon , does not reach The 7 euros to change. You may also find this accessory in physical stores that work with the brand , do not forget to share this information that may interest more chefs.

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