Get Help With A Personal Coaching On How To Play Chess

If you want to train with a personal coaching, to take lessons with him in addition to those offered on the site, or learn differently, NLP Coaching can put you in relation with coaches in your area resulting from home, or giving courses online.

For courses on the internet, it is possible to order courses at home, away, you just have to be equipped with a webcam, skype (free), good connection (adsl recommended) and sound on your computer.

You just have to make a registration (free) to the site initially, in order to contact us, and then select and hire your coach.

Otherwise, we can put you in touch with a coach moving home.

You can thus benefit from professional advice considered the best web specialists and qualified coaches officiating near you.


If you want to see your own games analyzed by a coach, receive personalized advice based on what you played, and what you will encounter in your future parties, whether you play well or in which areas you can progress.

There will be explained the arrangements to permit request an analysis of game played, and in case of validation from you, it will be returned a link to a fully narrated video that will explain all the ideas and all existing opportunities within the part.


A list of coaches associated with the site “Chess for all” is being prepared, and will appear soon to registered users. You can then contact them to avail of their services and their personalized recommendations.


You can also, in addition, if you wish, enjoy a very personalized monitoring and specify your particular wishes or expectations, if you wish to make an additional precision, kindly visit and get a quotation to this website

For example, about your level or your desired goal in chess, how you premium would hope first proceed to learn to play chess (eg, depending on how much time around you have, or if you do already part of a club, this kind of elements).


You will be able to specify the information, including the following criteria:
– your initial level.
– Your eventual goal.

The role of your future coach and how learn best in general:

If you used that explains patiently, or if you prefer “speeder”. If it is to encourage you a little, or if you need anyone to motivate you. If you like to look and understand for yourself.If he can suggest exercises and more, after the course to improve yourself faster. If you prefer it to listen to your questions, or if you trust him, and you prefer it explains everything from the start. And finally, if it should go instead to the essential, to the general, or the examples and characteristics.

The content you are looking for, if you have a preference for a set of sector or theme:

– Final
– Openings
– The middle game
– Tactics, strategy
– Specific preparations
– An introduction and an overview of the game
– Analyses parts (champions or yours)
– Make an overview of openings before making a choice
– Make an overview of different play areas

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