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During the last months, FIDE has announced important changes about the cycle for the Chess World Championship. There has been much controversy in this regard and as a result of them, some elite players have even withdrawn from the FIDE Grand Prix. Then the maximum organization of the chess called a conference to gather the opinion of some players. What do world-class chess players think and think? What are your preferences? ChessBase, in collaboration with the ACP, has prepared a survey among elite players. What is it about?

Last November 2008, FIDE announced important changes in the current cycle of the World Championship. This caused much controversy: Alexei Shirov and Levon Aronian publicly questioned the legality of the sudden changes in the rules of the current cycle, which led to the withdrawal of Magnus Carlsen and Michael Adams from the FIDE Grand Prix 2008-2009.

At a press conference in Elista in December 2009, during the meeting of the Board of Directors of FIDE,   its president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov commented that the decision about the changes in the current cycle for the World Championship would be taken in March 2009 and that I would consider the opinions expressed by the players until then.

In December the Association of Professional Chess Players ACP issued a statementrecommending that ” FIDE should maintain a direct dialogue with the chess players” in which the ACP would act as mediator. “Consultation and debate would be the key words when creating a fair circuit”.

On December 27, 2008, FIDE held a telephone conversation with five players and five FIDE officials. The members of the ACP Board of Directors, however, were not invited to take part, as were many other players directly involved in the World Championship cycle. Neither the results of the meetings, nor the transcripts of the meetings have been published until February 12, 2009.

Given that the meeting was limited to five players and as it has not been adequately documented, the Association of Professional Chess Players and ChessBase have decided to take surveys for cash among a larger number of chess players of the world elite, that is, all those who are theoretically involved in the world championship cycle. The results of said survey will be presented at the meeting of the FIDE Board of Directors in March 2009.

The main objective of the ACP-ChessBase survey is to get an idea of ​​the opinions of elite players on the most important issues of their professional life. The survey will be conducted through email to ensure that the answers have actually been sent by the players in question. The criteria for possible participation in the survey are the following:

Players with Elo higher than 2690 points (in the January list of FIDE) plus those participants in the current cycle of the World Championship, plus some of the former world champions.

The survey will be sent to the players on February 13, 2009. We expect to receive the answers and evaluate them within a period of two or three weeks. We will publish the results on the ChessBase and ACP websites in early March 2009.

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