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P e present on this occasion DOG Joker , a program conducted by the firm ChessBase especially for the consumer market, originally the program was launched inSpanish market byend of 2000 with the name of JAQUE THE DOG tocahuevos, and a price of sale to the public of 6,995 ptas. Its format was hard cardboard with the CD inside. At present its format is more modern, in a DVD box, with a simple instruction manual in Spanish and a more attractive price of 5,995 ptas./32 USD.

The choice of the name in Spanish (JAQUE AL PERRO TOCAHUEVOS) of which you can still see some vestige in this new version in which the relevant modifications have not been made inside the same installation program for example and in some comments of the dog, was a bit wild. The literal translation of the German was JAQUE AL DO CABRON, which in Spain was a little strong and more considering that it is a program directed to the general public, thus it seemed unlikely that a father would acquire an educational program for his son with that name . Consulted an advertising agency in Barcelona had the “genius” to modify the literality and put it on sale in Spain under the name of JAQUE AL PERRO TOCAHUEVOS,

That is why we are pleased to present this new version with the name JAQUE AL PERRO GUASÓN , much more in line with what is actually a highly instructive chess program with a remarkable quality, as almost everything we have been accustomed to signature ChessBase.

Now we continue with a review of its general characteristics .

Graphic interface

In principle the program suffers from a spectacular graphic that you could suppose as they have other programs directed to this segment of the market. We have a beautiful wooden two-dimensional board and a dog that we are constantly hounded with some really interesting comments, for those who know the comments of the Fritz 6.0 we could say that it is very similar, although even more biting, of course in many cases will be repetitive , but in others they are really original and constitute a companion for our hours of solitude. The animation of the types of medium dogs is very successful and the dubbing of Castilian made by Miguel Angel del Hoyo is of great quality.
We miss the three-dimensional possibilities of other programs such as the ChessMaster 7.000, which until now is the best in this aspect.

Motor play force

The engine has been designed by Chrilly Donninguer, author of the excellent series of Nimzo programs, among them the Millimium 2000 Nimzo, the Nimzo 8.0 in the ChessBase company itself and the excellent Winboard engine WBNimzo2000b compatible with Winboard which is included in the Millenium Packet 2001, previously mentioned and available in all compatible Winboard interfaces such as Chess Assistant, ChessBase, Chess Partner, Chess Academy and Chess Master 8,000.
The usual feature of Chrilly Donninger’s engines is its great power at tactical level and its excellent performance in short time levels, which will usually dazzle the younger ones who do not usually use the program for slow rhythms, which is also shown very strong. This program has a level around 2,600 ELO points, in its strong modality, able to defeat 98% of the strongest players in the world, is definitive is a great master at home.
Of course it allows to adapt to all levels of play, and reduce it is drastically strengthened to “pardillo” level, with possibility to play games with advantage material, handicap mode and sparring mode matches where the program intentionally makes some plays loose and subtly warns us to try to hit the rebuttal, which is a good way to train to appreciate those possibilities in real games, also can be varied the style of play. It allows to vary the style of game with the possibility of increasing the passivity of the program or greater aggressiveness of the same.

Books of openings and Database

It has several books of openings in format fbk that is the old one of Fritz until its version 4, that includes book of tournament, standard book, book of openings hipermodernas, book of gambitos, etc., It includes a simple database to be able to record our games in * .pgn format and we are provided in the same format a collection of games of the greatest chess players in history such as Andersen, Fischer, Kasparov, Karpov, Steinitz, Morphy, and other great players, also a base of some 1,800 carefully selected games and another larger base with about 11,000 games of all time.

Study material and training

This is a section in which we must make a deep reflection:
A game program can be very strong, but it really does not bring us much positive things if we are always losing with it and we do not really know why. Nowadays with the existing hardware any medium strength program can beat us with some ease, but is that really going to help us to progress? Please, let’s be serious, DO NOT SERVE ANYTHING, OR OF VERY LITTLE TO PLAY WITH A PROGRAM THAT HAS 50 POINTS OF ELO MORE THAN ANY OTHER, at the levels where we find what manufacturers have to do is look for the possibility that the program tells us why a play is good and another not, not only from a tactical point of view, but also from a strategic point of view, this I think it will still take a while,
Therefore we must learn to value those programs that include tutorial material or training, and at the level of expert, we have programs such as CHESS ASSISTANT and CHESS ACADEMY, which provide us with that strategic knowledge that have great masters in exercise mode that undoubtedly they will make us advance in the knowledge of the game more than playing constantly with a program. In AJEDREZ to progress, we must study because it is the way to increase our knowledge and then practice with the program to improve and correct errors.
If we really get a program to “destroy” us constantly winning at the end we will corner it, because reducing its play force is also very good, but somehow also makes us think that we are “cheating”, playing an unequal challenge, and in the end when we remove that advantage we see that we still have not improved much. However the study of appropriate tutorials will allow us to progress and improvement almost imperceptible but that will result in an improvement in our results at a human level, which is really what interests us.

Well, JAQUE AL PERRO GUASÓN, includes a collection of games that are commented at a very affordable level and with graphic annotations, and spoken video comments made by German GM Helmut Peleger, but have been dubbed into Spanish in a perfect way and model by Fernando Morán, who is also the author of the voice of Fritz, and to which I expressly congratulate from these lines for his excellent works. Any player can learn a lot with the viewing of these games with the extensive comments where you can see the greatness of chess.

In addition JAQUE AL PERRO GUASÓN, includes a collection of 300 problems at tactical level with different levels of difficulty and possibility of deployment of videos that once again facilitate learning and training, essential for the improvement in the game.

The program also includes a collection of 15,000 games played by GM where we can see the plans of the same and also allows the update of the same through the internet with direct connection to the Web ChessBase, taking advantage of new technologies.

It is not an infallible program, sometimes the interface screen does not get complete or partially disappears, maybe it is a problem connected with the 80 Mb video that includes, although in my opinion it is due to the animation of the dog, but in lines In general, this difficulty is overcome, which, incidentally, is very occasional, restarting the program without loss of information. It is recommended not to use other programs while we are using the JAQUE AL DOG ​​GUASÓN.

Of course it lacks some important characteristics to become a total program in chess, in the market of great consumption, as they are the Access for Internet game against the internauts of the world, access to the knowledge of openings, and several courses tutorials basic for the newest, issues that have made CHESSMASTER a world leader, a shame in Spain has not been translated into Spanish.

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