The Top Online Games For Android

The Android operating system has come to dominate the mobile market. This means that most people around the world own a smartphone that uses Android, and this is a great thing when it comes to online, multiplayer gaming. Because it means that most people throughout the globe can enjoy the very latest games as they become available to the public.

There are thousands of different games that are available on Android and taking a look at even the top 100 most popular is going to take ages. So, for now, we will look at the very best Android games that are on the market right now.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty is among the most popular gaming franchises in the world. And it’s not hard to see why. With exciting and fast-paced gameplay, Call of Duty remains the go-to for millions of gamers.

So many were happy to learn that their favourite franchise was now available on mobile. And has been one of the very best mobile games on offer right now. The title also comes with all the game modes that players know and love. This includes large, multiplayer deathmatches. And these deathmatches can host up to 100 players at a single time.

Wild Rift

League of Legends is a game billions of players love to play. And this means that it’s been a welcome addition to the world of multiplayer mobile games. This mobile version of League of Legends is known as Wild Rift. And … Read More

Communication technologies and the role they play in our lives

Communication has existed as long as the human. Indeed, communication is the sustainer of man’s relationship with his fellow humans. However, there used to be a lot of hindrances to communication, for instance, communicating with someone in a distant place.

In times past, men used various archaic channels to accomplish communication, but with the technological revolution, better and more efficient communication channels have been developed. Even in communication technology, communication gadgets and products are constantly upgraded for better communication services.

We have gone from 3G to 4G, and 5G is no longer a novelty in some parts of the world, even though many are still skeptical about it. There are 5G pros and cons, and this article examines the important role of communication technologies in the life of man.

What is communication technology?

Communication technology, otherwise known as information technology, refers to all equipment and programs used in processing and communicating information from one point to another. It can also be seen as the transfer of messages among people and/or machines through the use of technology.

Roles of communication technologies in the lives of Humans

With the advent of communication technologies, the way, and manner in which man communicates changed. Previously, man communicated through long-distance by the use of papyrus or paper and ink which were delivered by men on horses or running men, among other avenues. Presently, one can in the comfort of his restroom place a call to someone on the Atlantic and even see the person’s … Read More