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Handle of saucepans and pans with chessboard design

For some of our pans, saucepans, pots or cocottes is essential to have accessories to facilitate their handling when we are cooking, without the heat is transmitted to our hands, we talk about utensils that are made of iron and one piece, Have handles that are heated the same as the surface where the food […]

Talk your players about blackheads and whiteheads

Nose, forehead, chin … the black or white points slip into the corners of our face. What are they due to, and most importantly, how to eliminate them ? Dr. BonneBouffe conducted the survey with  Dr. Agnes Olszewski, CEO of Herborium, an expert in natural medicine. ALL ABOUT BLACKHEADS WHY DO WE HAVE BLACKHEADS? Acne […]

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures for players

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures, such as Botox and fillers, can be used to alter their appearance without surgery. They are a popular alternative to surgical procedures. However, these procedures are not regulated in the same way as cosmetic surgery, and professionals of many treatments do not require medical qualification. Different non-surgical procedures are performed in hospitals, […]

Is chess a formidable waste of time?

Yes and no. Yes, because to master it relatively well requires a life of study and delivery, early initiation and natural talent. Even so, would it be worth reducing the existence to 64 squares (32 black, 32, white) and no carnation? As Nabokov testifies in defense , insanity chess player converts the grid floor of […]

SMOKE IN CHESS – by Ricardo Barrios Lamarca

The first memory I have of snuff, cigar rather, it is safe before the cigarette knew the blade that produces it, is because of my father, an inveterate smoker, always with a cigar between his thin hands. And how wrong what happened when war was no snuff and a little less at the time of […]

Nutrition in Chess: foods for an active brain

To keep the brain active these are the 12 basic foods · Bluefish.  Why omega-3s are so good? They are essential polyunsaturated fats, which come only through diet. Bluefish, soybean oils and nuts such as walnuts. To achieve optimal levels of omega-3 need to consume oily fish 3-4 times a week, quite difficult, although the […]


Chiropractic in the sport every day is gaining popularity thanks to its performance benefits for athletes. A study published in the Journal of Chiropractic Research and Chiropractor Florence SC Research, said that chiropractic treatment can improve athletic performance by up to 16.7% over a period of two weeks. “Whatever the sport, the body undergoes physical […]

10 brain benefits of playing chess

Have you heard of the benefits of playing chess? This game has advantages in all ages because it combines features that favor the development of mental skills. You want to know what brain skills you can exercise with chess? Find out in this note! Chess is a game-science that promotes exercise and development of several […]

Chess and finance, a well-matched couple

Chess and finance have common skills, it is not difficult to understand: the management strategy, the ability to make decisions under pressure, speed and logical thinking. Perhaps more surprising to know that headhunters chess players tend to prevail when recruiting professional market analysis. Or that big business and finance gurus master the technique and skills […]

Detail for the house of a chess player

Long time did not write any article in our section for details and the truth is that it is a section which I love, because items which includes, for the home, usually original and very funny as the bank that I present today. It’s called Congo Squares Bench and is intended for those who can […]

Promotion and dissemination of chess for women

As we know, the game of chess began officially practiced by and among women from the Middle Ages. Their participation in the game of kings is usually limited to it can be done at home with his “divine” spouse or see it as a pretty fun with a friend. Painting of Frederick Judd Waugh Fellow […]

11 films and documentaries for passionate chess

16 pieces per player and a board of 64 squares. That’s all it takes to play chess, a board game with even more history and is considered sport . Whether you’re an expert like you’re just a rookie, then we offer you a collection of films and documentaries related to this world consulted by http://project-free-tv.to/: from […]

Care for …

Black has decided to threaten the lady with her white horse. But they did not take into account the overwhelming response of these. White to play and win.