is a blog online chess problems.

Every day is published on this blog a chess problem to other users to solve and thus improve their tactical skills.

Why every day?

To resolve issues of chess tactics will become a habit for you. Thus, over time you will have new resources to implement their chess games. All the ideas in this blog will observe circulating through his head, mingling with others and in turn generating new ideas.

The game of chess is enormous. Study it and understand it takes a lifetime. But if they spend at least a few minutes of effort every day, while it will increase its level.

All the problems in this blog are taken from actual games played by great players in chess tournaments very important.

And no matter whether you are a beginner. Read this blog and think like their own plays. Think what it would do in each situation we raised. And think about all the things that would make those plays. Then read the solutions we propose the following day and compare them with the ones you proposed.

In fact, we encourage you to leave your comments on each of the issues. That way we can discuss other plays and learn together.

Now it is a unique moment for all those wishing to learn chess. Because the Internet provides access to many resources where you can learn about openings, middle game or end.

You can even practice everything learned playing chess online with others around the world. Or chess programs on your pc.

Remember to visit us every day, and practice solving problems day after day. You will notice your progress when some rivals while they bring the pieces to start a new game you say,

No saw.

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