6 Alternatives to College for Learning

Gone are the days when you needed to be within the four walls of a traditional college to acquire knowledge. In recent years, several learning options have gotten introduced to the world. These options are flexible, self-motivated, self-paced and at a reasonably reduced cost. If you wonder what options you have asides from going to college to learn, this article is for you.

One of the significant options you can benefit from is to look for online programming courses in the UK. Apart from an online programming course, there are several online courses such as graphic designing, writing, communications, interior designing, which you can enjoy as an alternative to college.

You may also read up other options and people’s experiences on Britainreviews.co.uk to gather more insights on the issue. By doing that, you will have more knowledge about the alternative options available, which will, in turn, help you choose the best option for you. The following are the online learning options you have as alternatives to college: –

1.  Coursera

One of the online learning options that you have as an alternative to going to college is Coursera. This online learning platform is one of the widely known and recognized online platforms. With this platform, you can acquire knowledge of your preferred and specialized courses and also get certified. One of the fascinating facts is that Coursera offers thelargest number of specialized courses, classes, and accreditation support.

2.  LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning, formerly known as “Lynda.com,” offers numerous specialized courses that are easy to grasp and relatable. With subscriptions starting at $19.99 per month, you can tap into the benefits of this online learning platform. You will also get Premium Career features that will help you grow your career. All you have to do to enjoy these benefits is open a LinkedIn account and update your profile so that online courses related to your field will become recommended.

3.  MIT Open Courseware

Without signing in or registering for an account, you get to enjoy several benefits on MIT Open Courseware. There are different sets of courses for you to study on this platform. Some courses offer free versions of textbooks mentioned by teachers. An interesting fact about this online learning platform is that it offers both undergraduate and graduate courses in specialized fields such as science, teaching, arts, business, energy, math, and humanities.

4.  Udemy

Udemy is also another great online learning option you have compared to a traditional college. This learning platform is also top-rated and also offers accredited courses. However, you need to know that as the courses get complex or specialized, the amount paid increases. If you are thinking of having classes on traditional educational topics, Udemy is your best option.

5.  Udacity

This online platform is also one of the significant alternatives you have to a traditional college. If you are looking for an online learning platform with a significant focus on technology, then, Udacity is one of the best options to consider. Therefore, you get to acquire more knowledge on specialized courses like AI, data science, cloud computing, amongst others. Generally, you get to pay about $339 per month for your courses. You may also decide to pay several months at once while enjoying career services and real-world projects.

6.  Skillshare

With Skillshare, you can connect with professionals who will, in turn, impact you with the proper knowledge for your skills. You can watch your favourite artists, YouTubers, or Podcasters talk about a broad range of different subjects through an online catalogue of video-based specialized courses. With Skillshare, you can either opt for the free or paid membership; either way, you acquire more knowledge.