Handle of saucepans and pans with chessboard design

For some of our pans, saucepans, pots or cocottes is essential to have accessories to facilitate their handling when we are cooking, without the heat is transmitted to our hands, we talk about utensils that are made of iron and one piece, Have handles that are heated the same as the surface where the food is cooked, such as wok, grill, skillet … for the latter we have found the cast iron skillet handle cover  that you can see.

More than a year ago we knew of the existence of the handles and Ibili neoprene handles , although we have more affinity with silicone protective tweezers that we can use with more cooking vessels, both directly and in the oven, for example For the trays or sources of different materials. So continuing with the ‘hobby’ of silicone in the kitchen world, its durability, versatility ,design and good price, we find this accessory of Silicone Zone, the handle for saucepans and pans.

As indicated, it is made of silicone, with temperatures of -50º C to 300º C, being able to be introduced in the freezer, oven and dishwasher for efficient and comfortable cleaning. It has a size that can be adapted to many cooking utensils, its measurements are 15’5 x 5 x 3’5 cm. And as you can see, it is available in various colors, white, black, pink, violet …

The silicone sleeve for handles is non-slip, claim that its have design like chess board, which also acts as a pad, better isolates the high temperatures, facilitates its grip and stability when taking the saucepan or frying pan from the fire, without risk of Burn us.

What we mentioned about the price, given the long life of cooking utensils made with good silicone, can be very profitable, this online store can be purchased for 7 euros, you can also find the Pot Handle on Amazon , does not reach The 7 euros to change. You may also find this accessory in physical stores that work with the brand , do not forget to share this information that may interest more chefs.

Milla Mojada, chess and water sports are enjoyed in Islantilla

During the last weeks we have continued with the frenetic pace of the summer, THAT HAS NOT FINISHED !, so much that we have not had time to publish results or chronicles of the last events. Now, with the relative calm that gives us September, we leave you notes of the last activities enjoyed in Islantilla.

On Friday the 26th of September the traditional XVI Milla Mojada Mancomunidad de Islantilla took place on our beach , a test that is developed by the sand of the beach next to our Atlantic that gives us a perfect low tide for the development of this activity. With around 250 participants and hundreds of spectators, Madicke Diop (FitTrainer 10 Isla Cristina) and Inmaculada Ropero won the overall victory. Participating athletes and visitors from all parts of Spain, as well as France and Portugal, from 2 years to 60. We leave a video of the test and a link to the classifications by categories.

On Saturday, August 27, on the Seafront promenade of Islantilla, it was the turn of the I Chess Open Night of Commonwealth of Islantilla belonging to the ‘I Night Circuit of Chess on the Beach’. More than 70 players of different ages faced each other during seven rounds in the face of the expectation of the large public that throughout the tournament was approaching to see the development of the different games.

Participants in one of the first rounds

Players aged between 6 and over 70 were faced under the Swiss system that matches the players based on the results achieved, allowing the level of the matches to be homogeneous and finishing the best disputing the championship in the first tables.

After 7 rounds and around 6 hours of play the tournament ended with a victory of Rociana player Antonio Ramón Hernández for a better playoff against José Antonio Fernández de Brenes and Francisco Miguel Callejas of Tocina-Los Rosales, finishing all three with 6 points.

Locally the winner was Jesus Toscano with 5.5 points followed by Adolfo de La Rosa with the same points and Angel Zamudio with 5 points.

In addition to the overall winners, numerous prizes were awarded in different categories based on age and ELO score level.

With this tournament was closed the ‘I Circuit Night of Chess on the Beach’, competition that has also included the tournament in Islantilla, the tournaments played this summer in La Antilla, Isla Cristina and La Redondela.

The winners in this circuit, accounting for the three best results among the four tournaments played, have been at the general level: Antonio Ramon Hernandez, José Antonio Fernández and Enrique Biedma, and at the local level the winners have been Angel Zamudio, Jesus Toscano and Adolfo de La Pink.

On Saturday, September 3, one of the most anticipated activities of our program, the II Descent of Río Piedras in Kayak, arrived . Far from the competition, it was the turn to enjoy nature in a day marked by good weather and good company. Departing in the Port of El Terrón, the route took advantage of the last hour of low tide to sail towards the Arrow of New Umbria. A stop to take a swim in the Atlantic Ocean, crossing the dunes, while replenishing forces. The return to port was done with the tide stopped and waiting for it to begin to fill. After two hours and a half of the route, and not without the help of the tow boat, we arrived back to El Terrón. A day of sport in nature in which we could enjoy our environment and the company of our companions.

Participants during the route

Group photo during the rest stop in New Umbria

During this week we have launched the second part of the  II Family Nautical Program , with the children’s catamaran and windsurf courses as well as the catamaran rides that will be enjoyed until September 15 in the sailing schools of our beach. A total of 10 students take the catamaran and windsurf courses, and about 40 people will enjoy the catamaran rides. Visit site here http://www.seakayakermag.com/best-tandem-kayaks.

Talk your players about blackheads and whiteheads

Nose, forehead, chin … the black or white points slip into the corners of our face. What are they due to, and most importantly, how to eliminate them ? Dr. BonneBouffe conducted the survey with  Dr. Agnes Olszewski, CEO of Herborium, an expert in natural medicine.



Acne is a secretion of sebum that is produced by sebaceous glands . The first consequence of this secretion is to cause oily skin when the sebum has reached the surface of the skin . This is the first warning of acne. You can stop this process if you do it quickly .

When sebum overproduction persists, the pores of the skin become blocked with dead cells and bacteria and this results in the appearance of ”  comedones more commonly known as blackheads or whiteheads . This is the first part of acne and it needs to be treated, otherwise it can become chronic and lead to more severe stages of acne. For example with bigger buttons or cysts that will lead to brands or acne scars .


Our pores can be opened or closed. If the pore with the trapped waste is opened, the excess sebum is exposed to air and oxidized which will give a black dot .

Conversely, if the pore is closed, bacteria can attract the white blood cells of the immune system which can lead to an inflammatory reaction: this will give a white spot:
If the inflammation is close to the surface of the skin, The button is often called a  pustule .
– If the inflammation is deeper, this is considered an acne papule, more commonly called “acne pimple”.
– When the inflammation is deeper in the skin and spreads to the area adjacent to the outside of the pore, this is called cystic acne .


The common feature of all forms of comedones and acne pimples is the overproduction of sebum by the sebaceous glands . Then there are the bacteria that cause inflammation. One way to understand the formation of acne pimples is to see the different steps:

– Oily skin is caused by excess sebum.

– Then there are comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) which result from the mixture between the excess of sebum, the cells and dead skin

– Finally, when the bacteria begin to grow, you enter the inflammatory phase of acne with pustules, papules and cysts

The next piece of the puzzle is to understand why the sebaceous glands produce more sebum?  The answer is simple because it is the fluctuation of hormone levels, especially the androgens that will stimulate the sebaceous glands.

With these explanations, we can understand that it is necessary to treat and prevent the overactivity of these glands  that cause the formation of acne pimples. Precautions should be taken with your treatment and the products you take everyday so as not to clog pores and not have extra pimples.

3 tips how to get rid of blackheads on nose


Do not pierce blackheads as this can lead to infection and acne scars. The only thing to do is to use an effective acne treatment that helps regulate the secretion of sebum as well as follow a good daily hygiene. Indeed, clean your face  twice a day and remember the following points:


Makeup adds sebum and can cause abrasions that allow bacteria to access the deep layers of the skin. What exactly is what you do not want


In addition to  treating and  preventing your acne with the right treatment and proper cleansing method, you can make this mask, which will help to destroy the accumulated  sebum in your pores . It can be used twice a week. Do not do this if you have open cysts.


– 1 egg white
– 2 tablespoons brown sugar (preferably organic)
– 2 tablespoons of good quality extra virgin olive oil (or olive nectar)
– 1 small peeled papaya or 2 large slices Thick peeled papaya
– ½ teaspoon baking soda

Mix all the ingredients in a blender at low speed until it becomes creamy. Massage on a clean face with your fingers in circular motion without too much pressure for about 30 seconds. Leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.