10 Tips To Not Be Sleepy When Studying in Class

Want to know tips so you don’t get sleepy while studying in class? Want a powerful one? Try to do 10 ways below. How do you fight sleepiness in class? Wash your face, move modestly, drink water, eat gum, sit dark, drink coffee, interact, pinch your thigh or arm, breathe a lot of oxygen and determination.

In essence, it’s a shame if you have to be sleepy in class while the lesson is in progress. In fact, the explanation from the teacher or lecturer during the lesson is one of the keys to understanding the material being conveyed. Whatever the reason that makes you sleepy in class, you should immediately find a way so that the drowsiness will soon disappear.

Do not let because it is too heavy to hold sleepiness, you lose the opportunity to understand the subject matter being conveyed. Or sleepiness also often attacks when you already intend to study. Prepare for exams, face semester tests or just to study everyday. This will be very difficult to deal with when sleepiness strikes, for workers the same.

Steps to Get Rid of Drowsiness When Studying in Classroom or in a Home Room

Sleepiness is a natural thing to happen if someone lacks time to rest. However, learning is a must, especially for students. Learning is the main activity for them. Therefore, without seeing any reason, drowsiness must be eliminated immediately so that the learning process can be carried out. The following are some tips that can be used to ward off drowsiness that attacks in the middle of the learning process, both in the classroom or at home. Among others are :

1. Wash Your Face

The first step you have to do is to wash your face, these are the most effective tips! Studying requires high concentration for which you should not feel sleepy. If you feel sleepy, please wash your face. Refresh your face with cold water so that the nerves return.
Cold water can stimulate your awareness to recover. The cold sensation obtained will also make the brain function again fully. Therefore, washing your face is the most effective way to ward off drowsiness.

2. Perform Simple Movements

You can do simple movements to get your body’s nerves back on alert. No doubt, learning sometimes becomes quite boring. This is one of the triggers for drowsiness. Therefore, interspersed with the learning process with simple movements such as pulling both hands straight up, lifting both legs in a straight position parallel, turning the head to the right and left, and other light movements.

3. Drinking water

You can also ward off drowsiness by drinking a glass of water. In addition to keeping you from being dehydrated, water can also increase awareness so that you can recover. So, don’t forget to always bring a glass of water when studying at home or a bottle of drinking water when studying in class.

4. Eat Gum

Chewing gum can also be used as a drug to fight sleepiness. By repeatedly chewing gum, you will always be awake. Especially if the teacher or lecturer who is teaching has a boring teaching technique, drowsiness is inevitable even if you have slept long enough.

5. Sit tightly

Make sure you are not lying down when studying at home or sitting lazily leaning while studying in the classroom. This position will invite drowsiness because it is the right position to make people feel comfortable and complacent. Arrange your sitting position with the right that is sitting up straight without leaning. Leaning or lying down will make you not use a lot of muscle. Blood circulation will slow down and not run smoothly. Therefore, never lean back if you do not want to be attacked by drowsiness.

6. Drinking Coffee

The most effective way to get rid of drowsiness is by drinking coffee. Coffee contains caffeine which can improve the process or performance of the heart. When the heart pumps more blood throughout the body, you will feel fresher and fitter. This is why when drinking coffee, we will be instantly literate. Coffee is said to have a strong influence in 15-45 minutes to resist drowsiness.

7. Interact with Other People

When you study at home, you can find ways to chat with parents or relatives to get rid of sleepiness. When in class, do small interactions with my classmates. What is important, your interaction does not interfere with other friends who are learning. This little activity will wake your nerves that are sleepy. You will wake up and your concentration will come back intact. Thus you can resume learning. If you don’t find a way to interact with friends or worry about disturbing other friends, you can do other activities such as smiling, mumbling, singing in your heart and so on.

8. Pinch the Arm or Thigh

Tips on this one might sound quite extreme, but in fact this tip is the most widely done. If sleepiness strikes, try to pinch your thigh or arm. At first, do it smoothly. Pinch until you feel pain to evoke a nerve response. However, if a fine pinch is not enough to ward off sleepiness, you can pinch rather hard as long as you don’t injure your thighs or arms.

9. Breathe Oxygen As Much As Possible

Drowsiness is characterized by repeatedly yawning. However, yawning is not only a sign of drowsiness. Yawning is also an activity that occurs because you lack of oxygen. Therefore, if you have started to feel sleepy, go outside the room to find a place that has a lot of oxygen. Breathe in as much and as much as you can. After breathing in oxygen, you will feel refreshed.

10. Strengthen Determination to Learn to Love the Learning Process

Excessive drowsiness can be caused by something other than lack of rest. In adults, the ideal number of hours of sleep is around 7-8 hours. Even though your hours of sleep are sufficient, if sleepiness often comes when you are studying, then you should immediately find out the cause. One of the often sleepy causes experienced by students is boredom or depression towards learning pressures. Students who are depressed will always be sleepy, lazy, unenthusiastic and less attractive about the subject.Conditions like this will definitely be an obstacle for a student. The effect, they will be sleepy when the learning time arrives. Therefore, if you are determined to get rid of drowsiness, you must begin to love the lesson at hand.

Look for ways to be as effective as possible to increase interest in the lesson. For example inviting smarter friends to study together at home, trying to appear more active in boring classes. When you have started to love the lesson, surely sleepiness will never come again. Drowsiness is not not dispelled. Despite lack of rest, there are some people who can resist drowsiness and still be able to concentrate on continuing their studies. Make sure to eat nutritious foods and exercise diligently. This will make your body fitter and healthier even in conditions of lack of rest.

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