10 brain benefits of playing chess

Chess is a game-science that promotes exercise and development of several mental skills in addition to training of scientific thought , as those who play it are subjected to constant testing of hypotheses to verify or discard. This game, considered a sport by the International Olympic Committee , it promotes intellectual and recreational while promotes socialization and respect for the norms and standards among practitioners aspects. Meet below 10 reasons why chess is good for the brain .



1 – Raise your IQ

Many studies have shown how after a while playing chess can rise systematically Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of a person, such like using comprar intelimax iq; in addition to improving problem-solving skills, reading skills, language, math and memorization.

To make matters worse chess practice also promotes the development of creativity and originality , helping people and make more accurate and quick decisions at times when they are under pressure. It has also been shown that the frequent practice helps students improve their grades and promotes concentration . So far we have enough reasons to start practicing, but still there are many more!


2 – Help prevent Alzheimer’s

The brain is a muscle and as such should be exercised. A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine by Dr. Robert Freidland ensures that people over 75 who during his life had played chess are much more prepared to fight Alzheimer’s , dementia and other mental impairment ; contrary to what happens to people who have not exercised your mind in any way, they become more prone to brain age faster.


3 – Exercise both cerebral hemispheres

According to a recent study by two German researchers at the University of Tubingen  and published in the journal PLoS One both players experts and novices alike use both hemispheres of the brain to play a game . This result surprised even the researchers themselves, because they thought the left would be the predominant.


4 – Improvement creativity

Dr. Robert Ferguson conducted a study called “critical development and creative thinking through chess” where he found after 32 weeks the entire group of chess players won improvements in all areas of creativity , demonstrating significant growth in what Regarding originality.

Polish Samuel Reshevsky was one of the great masters chess players of America and the world. As he learned to play the four years the nickname of “chess prodigy child” won.

5 – Power Memory

Repeated studies have failed to demonstrate that students who play chess are known for their good memory in all subjects; and that is obviously very necessary to use this ability to be a good chess player.


6 – Help solve problems

Play chess involves developing this skill as an essential condition, as well as determine how to solve the moves of partner difficulty of added time.


7 – Increase reading skills

A study conducted by Dr. Stuart Margulies in 1991 about 53 primary schools in New York showed that children who participated in the chess program for 2 years vastly improved their reading ability , surpassing the national average.


8 – Facilitates concentration

This condition is another essential in a player because it is a discipline that requires great concentration , in which competitors can be absorbed for hours trying to solve a game, ignoring everything that is happening around him at that time .


9 – grow dendrites

The dendrites of neurons are structures which are involved in the reception of stimuli ; chess practice helps these connections between neurons grow.


10 – Teaches planning and forecasting

Strategy games are an excellent way to develop the prefrontal cortex, the area responsible for planning and anticipate events, self – control and good judgment; so it is involved in thedecision-making of any area of life.

Instagram: Charlie Riina, the hottest player in the world of chess

Charlie Riina is a model of 21 years before turning to the catwalks, was a chess prodigy and winner of tournaments girl.

Charlie Riina is a prodigy on the runways and chess. (Photo: Instagram)

The trend among models have a career with his work on the runways is increasing, but the case of Charlie Riina is unique, as you can see on your account Instagram . It is not only a professional in forensic science, but is also a chess prodigy.

Its original name is Anna Ewa Krosnika. Born in Poland, since childhood was a child prodigy, with an extremely high IQ, and from an early age showed an aptitude for chess, participating and winning some tournaments. Then she learnt How to use Instagress to improve her Instagram followers and become more well-known.

Now living in Toronto, Canada, he skipped several courses at school because of her enormous intellectual capacity and went to college before many other students.

However, as he continued his college career, he entered the world of modeling. It was named ‘Miss Hawaiian Tropic’ twice won the ‘Miss Toronto’ Award and has been featured in several publications. She has also posed for Playboy and FHM, and delights fans with their photos on Instagram .


Chess and finance, a well-matched couple

Chess and finance have common skills, it is not difficult to understand: the management strategy, the ability to make decisions under pressure, speed and logical thinking. Perhaps more surprising to know that headhunters chess players tend to prevail when recruiting professional market analysis. Or that big business and finance gurus master the technique and skills of chess and draw parallels what has led to the practice of chess and strategy in finance or business life.

Alan Trefler, chairman of computer engineering Business Pegasystems, listed on the Nasdaq, chess player confession from seven years and even now playing a game with teachers from the likes of Kasparov. His vision of the game and business are converging: “Business processes are very similar to chess,” he says.”First look at the board, absorb the data, recognize patterns, analyze it, you develop a strategy and continuously after you check and develop this strategy as the game”. Other great chess players were John Harsanyi, Nobel laureate in economics in 1994, Barron Hilton, American businessman and co-chairman of the Hilton hotel chain, Kenneth Rogoff, former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund; or the American Ron Henley, a consultant for large Wall Street firms and bookkeeper brisbane.

In Spain recently convened the first contest chess and linking finance and tests the skills of the participants to be measured in both subjects. The inciciativa the portal of financial information and finance, The restless investor, the head of which is María Jesús Soto, director of the office Inversis in Leon and author of “My first book on economics’ and backed the Chess tournament Magistral Ciudad de León.

The qualities or abilities are shared by both materials, as Soto notes, “that in both, the strategy that is being addressed and monitoring is made of it, will be decisive for the success or failure of the outcome.Both must also fully develop qualities such as objectivity, prudence, initiative and patience. ”

In his view, the image we have of different traders, pure activity and adrenaline; and chess, all calm and concentration, is not entirely true: “In practice it is not so, if analyzed from the psychological point of view. The chess is under enormous pressure, with very high levels of stress, even when apparently calm during the game. Sometimes you have to make decisions very precipitated by lack of time or weakness in your position. In fact, in the chess world is well known the aggressiveness of the sport, it becomes a real battle every game, similar to every day in the world of business or financial operations. “

Detail for the house of a chess player

Long time did not write any article in our section for details and the truth is that it is a section which I love, because items which includes, for the home, usually original and very funny as the bank that I present today.

It’s called Congo Squares Bench and is intended for those who can not live without playing chess. The bank is both a piece of furniture for home and one game. It has built on its surface and insured by orange county water damage and lets take a game at any time board.

details chess 2

Own pieces are part of the bank , fit into the holes in its surface given around and take the time to play. The bank is fully functional as such but is it as board and now that summer arrives we can get to the terrace or garden for a game outdoors.

Promotion and dissemination of chess for women

As we know, the game of chess began officially practiced by and among women from the Middle Ages. Their participation in the game of kings is usually limited to it can be done at home with his “divine” spouse or see it as a pretty fun with a friend.

Painting of Frederick Judd Waugh

Fellow citizens, who heard about “the chess activities” of women with her husband or marriage candidate, saw in these meetings together, provided they were not husband, a serious step towards the foundation of a family.

We comment that chess was already in their time a good opportunity to get along with the applicant on the board.

In line with the professor of economic history in London and Cambridge, Mrs. Eileen Powers, young family taught accommodated a monastic education learning the following subjects:

• read and write

• storytelling, reading romantic books and poems review

• know the womenswear, gyn nyc and appropriate clothing

• improve behavior and express themselves correctly

• be perceptive

• know teach teaching and …

• play chess


This :

Following the more than regrettable fact that women’s participation in open tournaments is far from satisfactory, perhaps because they are very young, middle-aged or older women, this article is intended to serve as advertising to the promotion and dissemination chess for women .


Our beloved and ladies:

Think Udes .for once on the following arguments: “In times that are characterized by the busy life, consumerism, foreign determination and a highly endowed diversionary measures, the importance to a compensative activities for the general reflection and self-reflection.

In this aspect, the game offers multiple possibilities lajedrez.

Painting John Lavery

Regardless of the positive effect on memory training, it contains a lot of creative people aspects.

artistic nuances, scientific and sports in chess, educational individual moments that have effects both in society and solidarity are.

For these reasons, chess can make an important contribution to support training and education in schools ….

It is never too late to learn chess!

Although the methods have changed and the form of teaching from the Middle Ages to today and have not yet reached past successes in schools, we present below a series of silhouettes, that aim to reflect, they dare and actually become the subject of chess:


All silhouettes from © Sarah’s Chess Journal

Is not it wonderful to know by chess?

PD Moreover, nobody demands that young talent to the level of beauty reproduced below:

Anibal Lopez painting Lenci

11 films and documentaries for passionate chess

chess Peli

16 pieces per player and a board of 64 squares. That’s all it takes to play chess, a board game with even more history and is considered sport . Whether you’re an expert like you’re just a rookie, then we offer you a collection of films and documentaries related to this world consulted by http://project-free-tv.to/: from stories of great players, through the Cold War also it took place on the boards and even how chess unites and helps slum schools offer hope to their students.

Brooklyn Castle (documentary, 2012)

“Imagine a school where the most popular children belong … the chess team.” Fiction? No: the true story of a small institute of Brooklyn . Most students live below the poverty line and chess is for them an escape. In recent years they have been proclaimed over and over national champions and, in fact, the institute is the most championships won throughout its history.

The documentary focuses on the story of five of his students for a year, showing not only how the chess program your school has been affected by the many budget cuts, but also the difficulties and personal challenges that these guys must overcome day to day. It was very well received among criticsafter being screened at various festivals, which has helped him to be set at Sony history and acquired the rights to make a movie .

Bobby Fischer Against the World (documentary, 2011)

Another documentary, although in this case on one of the most popular players in history not only features interviews of many of his peers, but also shows for the first time never before seen footage of the World Chess Championship 1972 it was decided with what was then known as the Game of the Century between Fischer and Russian Boris Spassky archenemy. “One of the most beautiful films ever shot about chess ,” says Federico Marin Bellon.

Pawn Sacrifice (movie, 2015)

If you still want to know more about Bobby Fischer and his story, the film ‘Pawn Sacrifice’ focuses precisely on your life and how, unwittingly, he was stuck in the Cold War between the two superpowers of the time. Tobey Maguire gives life to the protagonist, while Liev Schreiber has been chosen to play Boris Spassky. You are able to watch this film on putlocker movies.

Searching for Bobby Fischer (film, 1993)

Although named after Bobby Fischer in the title, it has nothing to do with chess known (in fact, it is said that it complained to use their name without permission). Instead, ‘Searching for Bobby Fischer’ tellsthe story of Joshua Waitzkin , a child prodigy who existed (and still exists) in reality. His father wrote a book about the chess world, which is where the film is based. And darling, because if you’re a fan of this discipline, you will find a popular teacher cameo along the tape.

Is your argument? Basically Waitzkin life after his family discovered he had a knack for chess and hire a teacher to teach you how to take advantage of their ability to become the next world champion.Throughout the game various items that have been are analyzed retrospectively by other players.However, some criticize several major flaws that it has and that may go unnoticed to the untrained eye.

Computer Chess (movie, 2013)

A strange comedy , shot in black and white to give more authenticity (no, not a documentary but want to seem). It is set in the 80s, when players began to play against some computers. Its directorconfesses in an interview that they had only a draft script for eight pages and most of the dialogue is improvised, so you can imagine the improvisation that is present at all times in the final result.

As a result, and also be such a specific subject, the reviews have been rather different : some criticize and much while others believe that it is one of the best comedies of recent times. Chances are that you like if you’re an avid chess or computers (preferably both), but if you can not be quite heavy and boring.

The Dark Horse (film, 2014)

Project originating from New Zealand swept all national awards (and took occasional international) in 2014. The story, though it is told in the form of film is inspired by the life and work of Genesis Potini a popular chess with bipolar disorder trying to teach the underprivileged youth in your community to play chess to prevent them from becoming criminals.

Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine (documentary, 2003)

For those who do not understand much about chess, yes there is a time in recent years with which we are familiar: the “battle” between Kasparov and Deep Blue . In 1996, this machine designed by IBM faced for the first time against Garry Kasparov, one of the best players in history. He won a game, but Kasparov emerged victorious in the series. Things changed in 1997 with Deep Blue crowned as the first machine that won a World Chess Championship.

However, Kasparov was not entirely happy with the result and even hinted that the movements of Deep Blue had a touch of creativity, something impossible for a machine with artificial intelligence that could be explained only by the intervention of a human. The HBO documentary echoes these accusations and analyzes the controversy that then arose, interviews with Kasparov himself, people from IBM and other experts.

Long Live the Queen (children’s film, 1995)

It will not win an Oscar because it is not no big deal, but this Dutch film 1995 can be a good way tostart in chess to the smallest of the house. Tells the story of a girl with a great imagination he misses his father, a chess champion who has just seen. He decides to learn to play but it does very peculiar way: through a story and enchanted pieces that you can talk.

Geri’s Game (short, 1997)

It was the first Pixar short (that position is occupied ‘ Luxo Jr. ‘, 1986), but it is one of the most popular films of the history of animation studio. However, it does pioneered on one thing: it was the first time that Pixar was a human being in a short.

In ‘Geri’s Game’ is an old man playing with himself in a game of chess intensively it develops in a park.It was screened in some cinemas in 1997, but his breakthrough came in 1998 after being included in the VHS and DVD ‘Bugs’. So much was the impact of the short film was the Oscar for Best Animated Short , among many other international awards.

Chess Fever (movie, 1925)

A silent and in black and white movie recorded in Russia 1925 which is defined as “a story of love, obsession … and Chess”. Although the style does not call too, it will seem rather curious that use somereal images recorded during the annual tournament that year. Jose Raul Capablanca , a Cuban chess player, plays the protagonist, while also reveal, among others, Frank Marshall , Rudolf Spielmann , Carlos Torre and Frederick Yates .

Dangerous Moves (film, 1984)

French-Swiss co-production in 1984 was nominated for several international awards , including the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film and a Golden Globe for best foreign film, although none of the awards did not take. The story takes place in 1983, during the celebration of a prestigious chess tournament also staged political tensions that existed at that time. In fact, although the title oversight, we have a new mistranslation on his arrival in Spain ( ‘La Diagonale du Fou’ in the original French, it should be ‘The diagonal of the bishop’ in Castilian, but “fou” also means “crazy”).

While it is a fiction film, it has several parallels with some events on chess actually occurred, as explained by the criticism of Beatlespock in Filmaffinity :

The film makes numerous nods to real chess events: the Match of the Century between Spassky and Fischer Reykyavik in 1972 and the World Chess Championship 1978 between Anatoli Karpov and Viktor Korchnoi. Pavius ​​Fromm (Alexandre Arbatt) is a kind of mixture of the great Bobby Fischer and Korchnoi, a Russian-Swiss; and Liebskind (Michel Piccoli) and his cohort of teachers surely represents the purest Soviet faction manipulated at will to its ablest citizens in favor of communist supremacy. Recall the role of Karpov vs. Kasparov in his memorable duels 80, immobility against perestroika. ( Critique of Beatlespock in BFI ).

Bonus Track: If you like chess and you’re curious about some of the scenes with board and tokens of players, I recommend this collection , where they analyze the positions on the board and also some blunders.

A photograph, two possible futures and a game of chess

” The one of the 26 people in photo only remain active in the game five, which was previously known, which were part of the same union, and therefore shared a similar vision of politics, is the less flashy ” says Carlos Egio

. Circle can in Murcia at which tore training in Murcia / Photo: Carlos Egio.

I have not chosen this photograph as an excuse for an article because I bring to mind a good memory, it does; nor because I evoke times of strength, joy and friendship, as well. In reality it is costing me a snapshot look, which is no other than the image of failure, of what could be and was not, with all that entails learning.

In the picture we appear many who, one way or another, we can get involved to move forward in Murcia before the European elections. We came from very different political traditions, various militants and activists, or were simply outraged experiences and thought it was time to end evictions and privatizations, with the disappearance of public services, labor exploitation, with the plundering of nature, with institutional xenophobia and gender inequality.

As with most things, the image can be interpreted in many ways, but there are some ideas that, at least for a good reflection. That of the 26 people in photo only remain active in the game five, which was previously known, which were part of the same union, and therefore shared a similar vision of politics, it is the less flashy.

So it is that the remaining twenty has a dozen people who have been branded as “unfair” and “traitors”; one expelled from the party, with more than dubious arguments, and, above all, citizens disenchanted that gradually we decided that was not his space, they spent in the best of illusion to indifference.

The expressions of joy on our faces, especially absences, remind us that everything has been in a match that made a good read 15M, which managed to mobilize many and many getting into the political arena, even without all clear that what we were doing, but has slowly been losing strength as it became institutionalized. Like the movie of the eighties, almost all of us have become blurred boston photographer while changing the future. Make no mistake, nobody believed in this present because we will win the elections.

True, those who have succeeded in primary and feedback have the legitimacy of the majority, also those who have lost will have to bear the result although we do not like or forms or arrogance. But it can not be ignored that the spectacular increase in abstention at each visit we are failing those who have worked at some point in starting this project.

The leaders, who came out of the primary, they have to keep up and take, to do something about it, have left a majority can identify with. Photo disappeared workers, precarious students, unemployed, housewives and teachers and officials were. So it named precisely disappeared mainstreaming. And that’s fine, 16% in the polls is not negligible, but aspired to more. Who can now run because we are going, they are required to win the election and for that will have to refill the photo of excited people with a project.

We do not need a DeLorean like McFly, or a mad doctor, although certain dose of madness not come wrong. Now Madrid, Barcelona Commune, the Atlantic tides and the other candidates in local government show the way forward to reverse the process. Simply put above party fetishes what united us, between us and the rest of society, remember that the goal remains “to end evictions and privatizations, with the disappearance of public services, labor exploitation with the plundering of nature, with the institutionalized xenophobia and gender inequality. ” That will require all hands, heads and teeth possible.

Okay comrades, we can belong to you, you have won our Iberian version of Game of Thrones, but economic powers, really, do not follow the series, and we’ve checked with Syriza. To that we can only overcome together. Remember “it is not time but a move waivers and add, offering tools to indignation and desire for change.” It’s time to start playing seriously, but now everyone, the photo and those who had never approached can. The hand is still stretched, we are required to do well this time, to do it now in common.

Care for …


Black has decided to threaten the lady with her white horse.

But they did not take into account the overwhelming response of these.

White to play and win.