The chess players rebel to be able to go to the bathroom

Fifty teams participating in the Chess Olympiad in Baku , including Spain, have signed a petition to abolish the rules for going to the bathroom during the games, introduced by the International Federation (FIDE), to avoid cheating the players.

Judit Polgar, captain of the Hungarian team; Jonathan Speelman, from England; Yasser Seirawan, from the United States, and Spaniard Jordi Magem are some of the signatories of the letter requesting the abolition of the new rule that requires players to inform an arbitrator each time they want to go to the bathroom.

FIDE introduced the rule to prevent players from using computers when they go to the toilets, as has already been noted. For the signatories, the rule is absurd and humiliating and, in addition, can be an advantage for the adversaries of nervous players, elderly or sick, according to the specialized page Chess24.

The regulation prohibits for years from entering the game room with electronic devices or mobile phones. If they sound during the game, their owner loses.

The implementation of wave inhibitors and metal detectors has also been tried out in important competitions. The regulation to go to the bathroom is the latest initiative to combat the fraudulent use of computers, capable of analyzing millions of combinations per second.

The signatories of the letter point out that “the restrooms have always been considered part of the Play Area, which makes this rule absurd and humiliating for the players, who do not have to discuss their biological functions with the FIDE officials” .

“Even referees may have the need to go to the bathroom at some point, and it would be unacceptable that players who have much need have to wait for them to return,” warn the signing captains.

The lawsuit stresses that “due to the stress caused by chess, many players go to the bathroom repeatedly during their games” and understand that “this, in no way implies that they are cheating, but simply that they are nervous. Older players and in certain medical conditions could also go to the restrooms quite frequently. ”

They also warn of a possible advantage for the opponent of the player who goes to the bathroom. “The fact of informing the referee gives information to his opponent, who could decide to make his move quickly while running the clock of his opponent. No player should have the obligation to perform an action that can favor his opponent. ”

“Respectfully, we suggest that it is not the role of FIDE to penalize players for their nervousness, age or medical condition, and we trust that this harmful rule will be rescinded,” the petition concludes. The Chess Olympiad, one of the most prestigious competitions in science-games, brings together 2,500 players -men and women- from 180 countries in the capital of Azerbaijan. Also visit Different Types of Shower Heads Available for bathroom here.

ChessBase and survey among elite players

During the last months, FIDE has announced important changes about the cycle for the Chess World Championship. There has been much controversy in this regard and as a result of them, some elite players have even withdrawn from the FIDE Grand Prix. Then the maximum organization of the chess called a conference to gather the opinion of some players. What do world-class chess players think and think? What are your preferences? ChessBase, in collaboration with the ACP, has prepared a survey among elite players. What is it about?

Last November 2008, FIDE announced important changes in the current cycle of the World Championship. This caused much controversy: Alexei Shirov and Levon Aronian publicly questioned the legality of the sudden changes in the rules of the current cycle, which led to the withdrawal of Magnus Carlsen and Michael Adams from the FIDE Grand Prix 2008-2009.

At a press conference in Elista in December 2009, during the meeting of the Board of Directors of FIDE,   its president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov commented that the decision about the changes in the current cycle for the World Championship would be taken in March 2009 and that I would consider the opinions expressed by the players until then.

In December the Association of Professional Chess Players ACP issued a statementrecommending that ” FIDE should maintain a direct dialogue with the chess players” in which the ACP would act as mediator. “Consultation and debate would be the key words when creating a fair circuit”.

On December 27, 2008, FIDE held a telephone conversation with five players and five FIDE officials. The members of the ACP Board of Directors, however, were not invited to take part, as were many other players directly involved in the World Championship cycle. Neither the results of the meetings, nor the transcripts of the meetings have been published until February 12, 2009.

Given that the meeting was limited to five players and as it has not been adequately documented, the Association of Professional Chess Players and ChessBase have decided to take surveys for cash among a larger number of chess players of the world elite, that is, all those who are theoretically involved in the world championship cycle. The results of said survey will be presented at the meeting of the FIDE Board of Directors in March 2009.

The main objective of the ACP-ChessBase survey is to get an idea of ​​the opinions of elite players on the most important issues of their professional life. The survey will be conducted through email to ensure that the answers have actually been sent by the players in question. The criteria for possible participation in the survey are the following:

Players with Elo higher than 2690 points (in the January list of FIDE) plus those participants in the current cycle of the World Championship, plus some of the former world champions.

The survey will be sent to the players on February 13, 2009. We expect to receive the answers and evaluate them within a period of two or three weeks. We will publish the results on the ChessBase and ACP websites in early March 2009.

Check the Joker Dog!

P e present on this occasion DOG Joker , a program conducted by the firm ChessBase especially for the consumer market, originally the program was launched inSpanish market byend of 2000 with the name of JAQUE THE DOG tocahuevos, and a price of sale to the public of 6,995 ptas. Its format was hard cardboard with the CD inside. At present its format is more modern, in a DVD box, with a simple instruction manual in Spanish and a more attractive price of 5,995 ptas./32 USD.

The choice of the name in Spanish (JAQUE AL PERRO TOCAHUEVOS) of which you can still see some vestige in this new version in which the relevant modifications have not been made inside the same installation program for example and in some comments of the dog, was a bit wild. The literal translation of the German was JAQUE AL DO CABRON, which in Spain was a little strong and more considering that it is a program directed to the general public, thus it seemed unlikely that a father would acquire an educational program for his son with that name . Consulted an advertising agency in Barcelona had the “genius” to modify the literality and put it on sale in Spain under the name of JAQUE AL PERRO TOCAHUEVOS,

That is why we are pleased to present this new version with the name JAQUE AL PERRO GUASÓN , much more in line with what is actually a highly instructive chess program with a remarkable quality, as almost everything we have been accustomed to signature ChessBase.

Now we continue with a review of its general characteristics .

Graphic interface

In principle the program suffers from a spectacular graphic that you could suppose as they have other programs directed to this segment of the market. We have a beautiful wooden two-dimensional board and a dog that we are constantly hounded with some really interesting comments, for those who know the comments of the Fritz 6.0 we could say that it is very similar, although even more biting, of course in many cases will be repetitive , but in others they are really original and constitute a companion for our hours of solitude. The animation of the types of medium dogs is very successful and the dubbing of Castilian made by Miguel Angel del Hoyo is of great quality.
We miss the three-dimensional possibilities of other programs such as the ChessMaster 7.000, which until now is the best in this aspect.

Motor play force

The engine has been designed by Chrilly Donninguer, author of the excellent series of Nimzo programs, among them the Millimium 2000 Nimzo, the Nimzo 8.0 in the ChessBase company itself and the excellent Winboard engine WBNimzo2000b compatible with Winboard which is included in the Millenium Packet 2001, previously mentioned and available in all compatible Winboard interfaces such as Chess Assistant, ChessBase, Chess Partner, Chess Academy and Chess Master 8,000.
The usual feature of Chrilly Donninger’s engines is its great power at tactical level and its excellent performance in short time levels, which will usually dazzle the younger ones who do not usually use the program for slow rhythms, which is also shown very strong. This program has a level around 2,600 ELO points, in its strong modality, able to defeat 98% of the strongest players in the world, is definitive is a great master at home.
Of course it allows to adapt to all levels of play, and reduce it is drastically strengthened to “pardillo” level, with possibility to play games with advantage material, handicap mode and sparring mode matches where the program intentionally makes some plays loose and subtly warns us to try to hit the rebuttal, which is a good way to train to appreciate those possibilities in real games, also can be varied the style of play. It allows to vary the style of game with the possibility of increasing the passivity of the program or greater aggressiveness of the same.

Books of openings and Database

It has several books of openings in format fbk that is the old one of Fritz until its version 4, that includes book of tournament, standard book, book of openings hipermodernas, book of gambitos, etc., It includes a simple database to be able to record our games in * .pgn format and we are provided in the same format a collection of games of the greatest chess players in history such as Andersen, Fischer, Kasparov, Karpov, Steinitz, Morphy, and other great players, also a base of some 1,800 carefully selected games and another larger base with about 11,000 games of all time.

Study material and training

This is a section in which we must make a deep reflection:
A game program can be very strong, but it really does not bring us much positive things if we are always losing with it and we do not really know why. Nowadays with the existing hardware any medium strength program can beat us with some ease, but is that really going to help us to progress? Please, let’s be serious, DO NOT SERVE ANYTHING, OR OF VERY LITTLE TO PLAY WITH A PROGRAM THAT HAS 50 POINTS OF ELO MORE THAN ANY OTHER, at the levels where we find what manufacturers have to do is look for the possibility that the program tells us why a play is good and another not, not only from a tactical point of view, but also from a strategic point of view, this I think it will still take a while,
Therefore we must learn to value those programs that include tutorial material or training, and at the level of expert, we have programs such as CHESS ASSISTANT and CHESS ACADEMY, which provide us with that strategic knowledge that have great masters in exercise mode that undoubtedly they will make us advance in the knowledge of the game more than playing constantly with a program. In AJEDREZ to progress, we must study because it is the way to increase our knowledge and then practice with the program to improve and correct errors.
If we really get a program to “destroy” us constantly winning at the end we will corner it, because reducing its play force is also very good, but somehow also makes us think that we are “cheating”, playing an unequal challenge, and in the end when we remove that advantage we see that we still have not improved much. However the study of appropriate tutorials will allow us to progress and improvement almost imperceptible but that will result in an improvement in our results at a human level, which is really what interests us.

Well, JAQUE AL PERRO GUASÓN, includes a collection of games that are commented at a very affordable level and with graphic annotations, and spoken video comments made by German GM Helmut Peleger, but have been dubbed into Spanish in a perfect way and model by Fernando Morán, who is also the author of the voice of Fritz, and to which I expressly congratulate from these lines for his excellent works. Any player can learn a lot with the viewing of these games with the extensive comments where you can see the greatness of chess.

In addition JAQUE AL PERRO GUASÓN, includes a collection of 300 problems at tactical level with different levels of difficulty and possibility of deployment of videos that once again facilitate learning and training, essential for the improvement in the game.

The program also includes a collection of 15,000 games played by GM where we can see the plans of the same and also allows the update of the same through the internet with direct connection to the Web ChessBase, taking advantage of new technologies.

It is not an infallible program, sometimes the interface screen does not get complete or partially disappears, maybe it is a problem connected with the 80 Mb video that includes, although in my opinion it is due to the animation of the dog, but in lines In general, this difficulty is overcome, which, incidentally, is very occasional, restarting the program without loss of information. It is recommended not to use other programs while we are using the JAQUE AL DOG ​​GUASÓN.

Of course it lacks some important characteristics to become a total program in chess, in the market of great consumption, as they are the Access for Internet game against the internauts of the world, access to the knowledge of openings, and several courses tutorials basic for the newest, issues that have made CHESSMASTER a world leader, a shame in Spain has not been translated into Spanish.

Dancing with elephant and cat: chess praise

It is not the first time that Yoko Ogawa looks at our blog, after his celebrated novel  The favorite formula of the teacher , in which a teacher of mathematics with a limited memory gets a child and his mother grow love of mathematics. Ogawa also played mathematics in  Ice Perfume , in which his protagonist attends an International Mathematical Olympiad.


The prose / poetry of Ogawa is very special, with dreamlike arguments, which seem alien to our reality, described with sublime elegance and tenderness. It is a literature tinged with melancholy, but it makes us think.

This time the publishing house Funambulista has published the one that is its last novel in Spanish, not in Japanese, since  Dancing with elephant and cat dates of 2009. It is not a novel that deals directly on the mathematics, but yes on the chess, and by therefore, indirectly with our discipline. And it is full, as always, of mathematical references, in particular, the geometry of the board, the infinity of the game of chess, the beauty of the algorithms that a game generates (the kifu ).

In this novel, a boy born with his lips sealed but with a great gift for chess, is fascinated by the elephant Indira (condemned to live on the terrace of a department store), and by his teacher of chess, an obese player and former bus driver who lives in one of them conditioned as housing, in the company of his cat Pawn.

The Master will teach the boy all the magic and poetry of chess and have to Obey My Cat, which he will play hidden under the board, from which he leaves only to perform the movements. After the death of the Master, the boy moves to the Pacific Chess Club, where he will play the games anonymously inside an automaton, the small (Litle) Alekhine. There he will meet a singular girl, the Mummy, and his dove. Finally, it will end at the Étude residence, where former chess players take refuge.

A book I recommend for all those who are enthusiastic about chess (and mathematics) and for those who want to enjoy once more the elegant literature of Yoko Ogawa .


Information about the author in Impedimenta : Yoko Ogawa was born in Okayama in 1962. She studied at Waseda University in Tokyo. In 1986 she began her career as a writer, inspired by her readings of the Japanese classics, The Diary of Anne Frank and the works of Kenzaburo Oé. Already with his first novel, When the butterfly breaks down, in 1988 he won the prestigious Kaien Prize, and since then his fame has only grown in Japan and abroad. In 1991 he won the Akutagawa Grand Prize for My Sister’s Pregnancy, published by Editorial Funambulista in 2006, which immediately becomes a best seller in his country. Many of his works have been translated into the main Western languages. In 2003 he publishedThe teacher’s favorite formula(Funambulista, 2008), which won several awards (the Yomiuri Prize, the Japanese Book Prize and the National Mathematics Society: “For showing the beauty of this discipline”). Following the success of the novel and its adaptation to film, radio and comics, in 2005 he co-wrote with the mathematician Masahiko Fujiwara An Introduction to the Most Elegant Mathematics . He currently lives with his family in the ancient trading city of Kurashiki and dedicates himself exclusively to literature.

In addition to the favorite formula of the teacher and the pregnancy of my sister , Editorial Funambulista has published by the Japanese author: Ice Perfume, The girl who went in hippo to school, The pool, Student residence, tender lamentations and The Museum of silence.

Handle of saucepans and pans with chessboard design

For some of our pans, saucepans, pots or cocottes is essential to have accessories to facilitate their handling when we are cooking, without the heat is transmitted to our hands, we talk about utensils that are made of iron and one piece, Have handles that are heated the same as the surface where the food is cooked, such as wok, grill, skillet … for the latter we have found the cast iron skillet handle cover  that you can see.

More than a year ago we knew of the existence of the handles and Ibili neoprene handles , although we have more affinity with silicone protective tweezers that we can use with more cooking vessels, both directly and in the oven, for example For the trays or sources of different materials. So continuing with the ‘hobby’ of silicone in the kitchen world, its durability, versatility ,design and good price, we find this accessory of Silicone Zone, the handle for saucepans and pans.

As indicated, it is made of silicone, with temperatures of -50º C to 300º C, being able to be introduced in the freezer, oven and dishwasher for efficient and comfortable cleaning. It has a size that can be adapted to many cooking utensils, its measurements are 15’5 x 5 x 3’5 cm. And as you can see, it is available in various colors, white, black, pink, violet …

The silicone sleeve for handles is non-slip, claim that its have design like chess board, which also acts as a pad, better isolates the high temperatures, facilitates its grip and stability when taking the saucepan or frying pan from the fire, without risk of Burn us.

What we mentioned about the price, given the long life of cooking utensils made with good silicone, can be very profitable, this online store can be purchased for 7 euros, you can also find the Pot Handle on Amazon , does not reach The 7 euros to change. You may also find this accessory in physical stores that work with the brand , do not forget to share this information that may interest more chefs.

Milla Mojada, chess and water sports are enjoyed in Islantilla

During the last weeks we have continued with the frenetic pace of the summer, THAT HAS NOT FINISHED !, so much that we have not had time to publish results or chronicles of the last events. Now, with the relative calm that gives us September, we leave you notes of the last activities enjoyed in Islantilla.

On Friday the 26th of September the traditional XVI Milla Mojada Mancomunidad de Islantilla took place on our beach , a test that is developed by the sand of the beach next to our Atlantic that gives us a perfect low tide for the development of this activity. With around 250 participants and hundreds of spectators, Madicke Diop (FitTrainer 10 Isla Cristina) and Inmaculada Ropero won the overall victory. Participating athletes and visitors from all parts of Spain, as well as France and Portugal, from 2 years to 60. We leave a video of the test and a link to the classifications by categories.

On Saturday, August 27, on the Seafront promenade of Islantilla, it was the turn of the I Chess Open Night of Commonwealth of Islantilla belonging to the ‘I Night Circuit of Chess on the Beach’. More than 70 players of different ages faced each other during seven rounds in the face of the expectation of the large public that throughout the tournament was approaching to see the development of the different games.

Participants in one of the first rounds

Players aged between 6 and over 70 were faced under the Swiss system that matches the players based on the results achieved, allowing the level of the matches to be homogeneous and finishing the best disputing the championship in the first tables.

After 7 rounds and around 6 hours of play the tournament ended with a victory of Rociana player Antonio Ramón Hernández for a better playoff against José Antonio Fernández de Brenes and Francisco Miguel Callejas of Tocina-Los Rosales, finishing all three with 6 points.

Locally the winner was Jesus Toscano with 5.5 points followed by Adolfo de La Rosa with the same points and Angel Zamudio with 5 points.

In addition to the overall winners, numerous prizes were awarded in different categories based on age and ELO score level.

With this tournament was closed the ‘I Circuit Night of Chess on the Beach’, competition that has also included the tournament in Islantilla, the tournaments played this summer in La Antilla, Isla Cristina and La Redondela.

The winners in this circuit, accounting for the three best results among the four tournaments played, have been at the general level: Antonio Ramon Hernandez, José Antonio Fernández and Enrique Biedma, and at the local level the winners have been Angel Zamudio, Jesus Toscano and Adolfo de La Pink.

On Saturday, September 3, one of the most anticipated activities of our program, the II Descent of Río Piedras in Kayak, arrived . Far from the competition, it was the turn to enjoy nature in a day marked by good weather and good company. Departing in the Port of El Terrón, the route took advantage of the last hour of low tide to sail towards the Arrow of New Umbria. A stop to take a swim in the Atlantic Ocean, crossing the dunes, while replenishing forces. The return to port was done with the tide stopped and waiting for it to begin to fill. After two hours and a half of the route, and not without the help of the tow boat, we arrived back to El Terrón. A day of sport in nature in which we could enjoy our environment and the company of our companions.

Participants during the route

Group photo during the rest stop in New Umbria

During this week we have launched the second part of the  II Family Nautical Program , with the children’s catamaran and windsurf courses as well as the catamaran rides that will be enjoyed until September 15 in the sailing schools of our beach. A total of 10 students take the catamaran and windsurf courses, and about 40 people will enjoy the catamaran rides. Visit site here

Talk your players about blackheads and whiteheads

Nose, forehead, chin … the black or white points slip into the corners of our face. What are they due to, and most importantly, how to eliminate them ? Dr. BonneBouffe conducted the survey with  Dr. Agnes Olszewski, CEO of Herborium, an expert in natural medicine.



Acne is a secretion of sebum that is produced by sebaceous glands . The first consequence of this secretion is to cause oily skin when the sebum has reached the surface of the skin . This is the first warning of acne. You can stop this process if you do it quickly .

When sebum overproduction persists, the pores of the skin become blocked with dead cells and bacteria and this results in the appearance of ”  comedones more commonly known as blackheads or whiteheads . This is the first part of acne and it needs to be treated, otherwise it can become chronic and lead to more severe stages of acne. For example with bigger buttons or cysts that will lead to brands or acne scars .


Our pores can be opened or closed. If the pore with the trapped waste is opened, the excess sebum is exposed to air and oxidized which will give a black dot .

Conversely, if the pore is closed, bacteria can attract the white blood cells of the immune system which can lead to an inflammatory reaction: this will give a white spot:
If the inflammation is close to the surface of the skin, The button is often called a  pustule .
– If the inflammation is deeper, this is considered an acne papule, more commonly called “acne pimple”.
– When the inflammation is deeper in the skin and spreads to the area adjacent to the outside of the pore, this is called cystic acne .


The common feature of all forms of comedones and acne pimples is the overproduction of sebum by the sebaceous glands . Then there are the bacteria that cause inflammation. One way to understand the formation of acne pimples is to see the different steps:

– Oily skin is caused by excess sebum.

– Then there are comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) which result from the mixture between the excess of sebum, the cells and dead skin

– Finally, when the bacteria begin to grow, you enter the inflammatory phase of acne with pustules, papules and cysts

The next piece of the puzzle is to understand why the sebaceous glands produce more sebum?  The answer is simple because it is the fluctuation of hormone levels, especially the androgens that will stimulate the sebaceous glands.

With these explanations, we can understand that it is necessary to treat and prevent the overactivity of these glands  that cause the formation of acne pimples. Precautions should be taken with your treatment and the products you take everyday so as not to clog pores and not have extra pimples.

3 tips how to get rid of blackheads on nose


Do not pierce blackheads as this can lead to infection and acne scars. The only thing to do is to use an effective acne treatment that helps regulate the secretion of sebum as well as follow a good daily hygiene. Indeed, clean your face  twice a day and remember the following points:


Makeup adds sebum and can cause abrasions that allow bacteria to access the deep layers of the skin. What exactly is what you do not want


In addition to  treating and  preventing your acne with the right treatment and proper cleansing method, you can make this mask, which will help to destroy the accumulated  sebum in your pores . It can be used twice a week. Do not do this if you have open cysts.


– 1 egg white
– 2 tablespoons brown sugar (preferably organic)
– 2 tablespoons of good quality extra virgin olive oil (or olive nectar)
– 1 small peeled papaya or 2 large slices Thick peeled papaya
– ½ teaspoon baking soda

Mix all the ingredients in a blender at low speed until it becomes creamy. Massage on a clean face with your fingers in circular motion without too much pressure for about 30 seconds. Leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures for players

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures, such as Botox and fillers, can be used to alter their appearance without surgery. They are a popular alternative to surgical procedures.
However, these procedures are not regulated in the same way as cosmetic surgery, and professionals of many treatments do not require medical qualification.
Different non-surgical procedures are performed in hospitals, clinics and beauty salons by doctors, dentists, nurses and beauty therapists.
You should make sure that the person offering the treatment is adequately trained and experienced, so you can offer competent and safe treatment.
You should also make sure you know what the procedure involves, what the possible complications and side effects are, and who should contact you if you have any problems later.
See the study of non-surgical cosmetic procedures for more information about ensuring these treatments are as safe as possible.
Information on the following common non-surgical cosmetic procedures can be found below:
  • Botulinum toxin (Botox) injections as
  • Chemical peels
  • Dermal fillers
  • Non-surgical laser and intense light treatments
  • Microdermabrasion

Injections of botulinum toxin (Botox)

Botulinum toxin injections, such as Botox, are used to help relax facial muscles and create less obvious lines and wrinkles, just look for cheap botox injections near me.
Botulinum toxin is a prescription only medication that should only be given by a suitable physician, pharmacist, dentist or registered nurse training in a clinical setting.
Injections should not be performed by beauty therapists, who lack the necessary medical history.
During the procedure, the skin is cleansed and small amounts of botulinum toxin are injected into the area being treated. Several injections are usually needed at different sites.
The injections are usually applied three to five days after the treatment and can take up to two weeks for the full effect to come true. The effects usually last from three to four months.

What are the risks?

Although botulinum toxin injections are generally safe, treatment risks include:
  • You may experience flu-like symptoms for the first 24 hours after treatment and there may be bruising at the injection site
  • Their facial features in the treatment area may be weak and fall after the injections, although this improves as the treatment effects disappear – for example, their eyelids may fall temporarily if the injections are used to treat the “expression lines “Vertical between the eyebrows
  • Your body may develop resistance to treatment if it is repeated too often
  • In rare cases, they may develop severe problems in the hours, days or weeks after treatment – including blurred or double vision (if the area around the eyes is injected) and difficulty breathing (if the area of ​​the neck is injected)

Is chess a formidable waste of time?

Yes and no. Yes, because to master it relatively well requires a life of study and delivery, early initiation and natural talent. Even so, would it be worth reducing the existence to 64 squares (32 black, 32, white) and no carnation? As Nabokov testifies in defense , insanity chess player converts the grid floor of a hospital on a board where roam without logic pawns and nurses who eat the step and makes the movement of a waiter incoherent displacement of a horse on the flank lady . To dream bishops and live inside a tower, not ivory, prisoner of your own long castro: that can be a life dedicated to chess. The mind, prone to addictions, works to imagine plays on a nonexistent board and all around fades: friends, family, couple. Go in disclaimer of this ancient game that there are also public accountants and bookkeeper (six by eight equal to forty-eight years thrown away, behind a cloth desk, making watermarks to evade taxes from bad customers), and inspectors Prosecutors (eight by six equal to forty-eight absurd years in linen desk in search of the tricks of the evasors).

However, there is a basic element in chess that justifies and ennobles (and separates it from dominoes, hopscotch and marbles). Chess is the only game that shares with art the ability to create beauty. Aesthetics saves him from boredom and monotony, because where there is beauty there is forgiveness and the world is safe. Playing chess can be, like playing the violin or sculpting in clay, an artistic form.

The problem is that the beauty of chess is intelligible only to practitioners. No boss understood the delay in the office because of an annoying horse in which he had to be expelled after a long detour. No bride shares the sadistic adventure left in zugzwang an opponent, forcing him to move his pawns to suffocation, like an automaton, a position that certainly envy the author of Philosophy toilet . Chess players are a sect, such as the Cathars of Provence or the readers of Proust, the latter able to be recognized in a meeting and discuss until the dawn Swan’s reasons to endure the deceptions of Odette, or the gradual moral degradation of the baron Of Charlus. I know chess players, of course, ready to end the most enjoyable party, the most interesting conversation, the most diligent assembly. The method is simple: someone removes a board surreptitiously and invites the rest to practice in a corner this game of princes, that sublimate the war until turning it into an art, as requested Machiavelli.

When at the end of a long and departed couple, the immovable king, the latter called him Borges, comes out to discuss his magisterium with the enemy pawns; When one is able to imagine a winning combination; When a coldly calculated gavel fulfills its objective and the opposite delivers the lady, only then one discovers that the title of this blog post is rhetorical. The answer is no.

SMOKE IN CHESS – by Ricardo Barrios Lamarca

The first memory I have of snuff, cigar rather, it is safe before the cigarette knew the blade that produces it, is because of my father, an inveterate smoker, always with a cigar between his thin hands. And how wrong what happened when war was no snuff and a little less at the time of the Schedule to Snuff from the forties and better when I was the age of smoker and enjoyed two servings, since I did not have this vice. In pictures and cartoons that made him few friends, cigar and smoke rising thread they are highly visible and disappears. Today these are little more than bragging persecuted and I feel sorry for the displaced smokers outdoors street. My father holds his granddaughter who was born just in the year he died as his successor in the family and I’m sure someday leave the snuff but not official recommendations about laws banning smoke and simultaneously sell it. We support medical recommendations and advice and not prohibitions.Form free and responsible people who can walk the trails good city life and your health.

The snuff and mobile are disturbing elements in the rooms where chess is played and will portray famous players with cigar or pure, slightly less than putting all black squares of the board.See their plays adorned by smoke and case studies that we have lived. On the other hand impossible to speak of chess players of the past and not see them without his cigar or pipes for sale: Lasker, Sanz, Samisch, Gete, Sicily, Talh, Korchnoi, Furman, etc.

The use of snuff in chess tournaments long predates government decrees and comes to mind how Paul Moran Santamaria managed for years that his friend Fernando Rubio Aguado -retirado many years of game- you joined an open tournament that he held in Alcobendas Ubilava-what won and lost the 1st with a “loose” – and before moving already had the cigar fuming. His opponent reminded him of the ban and said Rubio have known had not played. No doubt remembered their games at Real Madrid and Circulo de Bellas Artes, many smoking and tables with room for cigar.

One day, I think it was in Alcorcón, good Pomar and somewhat low quality of play, is lining up its opening, he smokes a lot and ash flies, like cafes Clear your mind and in a moment his position it comes down and misses the point …

We are in the Prince of Asturias tournament -what good opportunity to in 80 years of Pomar give this award but now it is wrong of health- and at the Sports Oviedo are concentrated famous players like Najdorf, Anand, Salov, Lvcov, Averbach, the Polgar, Bronstein, Vaisier (winner) and the Spaniards, Rivas, Sansegundo Sanz, the child Vallejo, Illescas and many more.

Illescas is a smoker with highly developed “hobby”, as we see. The game is 25 minutes. This scene is in his game with Vaiser in Table 1 and as makes his move up to the steps of the sports hall to give a puffing on his cigar and if his opponent plays fast makes a career of 15 meters and on the table. I think you can not give many advantages to the contrary. Now I think that in the case of Illescas the snuff is your “doping” and so his record of Spain champion, 8 times and many other teams. Setién, athlete football, was with the GM and I do not run so much. I do not know if Enrique Setien played this tournament and chatted between rounds Illescas, but I remember a pose for the press, starting at 5 minutes, with coach Antic, who were no more than a few plays in reality. In short, a farce. Setién in his drill with Antic, coach “starting to five minutes,” a false pose for the gallery, five or six plays for the photo and so my picture is also bad for the memory.

As a final and burial for snuff, saying that my father left the cigar already very ill and that in the Chess Club Puerta del Sol had a quitter called Jesús Díez del Corral with glasses and cigar masterfully moving the chess pieces in his youth and maturity but retired cigar and serious chess addict, always an addict, game 5 minutes. Tuesday went to the club and was the smartest GM in behavior and dress. A man cigarette at the time and ever chess player.

Emanuel Lasker smoking

Emanuel Lasker

Friedrich Saemich smoking

Friedrich Saemich

Mikhail Tal smoking

Mikhail Tal

Samuel Reshevski smoking

Samuel Reshevski

William Grady Addison smoking

William Grady Addison

Che Guevara smoking

Che Guevara

Bogart smoking and playing chess in Casablanca

Bogart in Casablanca

Three gentlemen playing chess (and smoking), Hans Lassen oil

“Three gentlemen playing chess” Oil Hans Lassen, 1900


Nutrition in Chess: foods for an active brain

To keep the brain active these are the 12 basic foods

· Bluefish.  Why omega-3s are so good? They are essential polyunsaturated fats, which come only through diet. Bluefish, soybean oils and nuts such as walnuts. To achieve optimal levels of omega-3 need to consume oily fish 3-4 times a week, quite difficult, although the market there are enriched with them, milk, eggs, biscuits, etc. It is estimated that 1 g. daily omega-3 25-30% reduction cardiovascular risk. There must be a balance between omega-3 and omega-6, omega-3 1 5-10 of omega-6, and with it we are going. Part of the cells are basic for  neuronal functions  and participate in the formation of the retina.Pleasure: a casserole or baked papillote, nice, tuna or mackerel, chopped onion and tomato sauce, “the spice of life”.

· Nuts . Wonderful as nuts or nut oil. It has been called the most natural medicine for the heart and the most antioxidant. 3-4 wonderful every day. Alpha-linoleic (34%), alpha-linolenic omega-3 (6.9%) of plant origin, monounsaturated (9.5%), fiber, vitamins E, B1, B2, B3, B6, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, copper, selenium, flavonoids (ellagic acid), phytosterols, protect against heart disease, thin the blood, lowering bad cholesterol or LDL and triglycerides, the metabolic syndrome. Enhance the capabilities of learning and mood disorders. Vitamin E protects against oxidation. A healthy and easy, custom sparingly because they are caloric and fat.

· Parmesan cheese . Hard, rich in calcium 1170 mg. per 100 grams, with 742 mg phosphorus. many vitamins B2 and group B, A, D, E, sodium, cholesterol, protein quality, with calcium and phosphorus is recommended for children, adolescents and pregnancy, and helps maintain healthy bones and teeth. Excellent source of tyrosine, an amino acid precursor of dopamine, which promotes  memorizing  and learning.

· Flexcin Twitter

· Spinach, endive, sunflower seeds, liver . Folic acid is called for being in the leaves ( “folia” in Latin) of vegetables. Folic acid is involved in important metabolic reactions (DNA synthesis of proteins …) and folates enter the formation, development and maturation of red blood cells that carry oxygen from the lungs to all body cells. Folic acid and iron, the better “heme”. The iron -rich liver that carries oxygen to the brain, and folic acid (vitamin B9) improves brain performance. The menu of vegetables rich in folic acid when you want and liver every 10-15 days. Perfect combination.

· Pepper . It is one of the richest in vitamin C, red rather than green and outperforms citrus. In addition, A (beta – carotene and cryptoxanthin), E, B1, B2, B6 and folic acid, fiber, magnesium, copper, flavonoids and capsaicin. Lycopene is a red carotenoid and red pepper possesses better when eaten fried roast because they increase your calories. Vitamin C disappears with cooking. Very rich in antioxidants. According to recent studies, (Journal of Nutrition) is a flavonoid luteolin present in the  brains of older people (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America ), and can mitigate and help people with Alzheimer’s. Researchers studied as acts luteolin on microglia phagocytic cells that defend the central nervous system.

· Chocolate . The biographer of the Marquis de Sade said it was encouraging, encouragement, passionately, diabolical, magical, miraculous, but also poisonous because all the benefits described associated with gluttony, one of the seven deadly sins. It is a wonder that if taken without abusing., Better black, (one ounce each day) helps prevent cardiovascular problems, lower blood pressure, vitamin E antioxidant effect benefits the circulatory system, provides B vitamins, much potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium. White does not carry cocoa and why not say it is chocolate, milk carries a part of cacao and from 70% cocoa is wonderful and delicious. An ounce favors the production of endorphins substances in the brain that make you feel good, relieve stress and activates the mind. Furthermore, cocoa reduces the formation of free radicals that cause cancer and premature aging.

Sunflower seeds . Up the healthy habit of pipes. Many polyunsaturated fats, some as oleic acid, and also proteins, carbohydrates, high in vitamin E, folic acid and fiber, flavonoids, iron, magnesium, choline, betaine, lignans and phytosterols.Prevent cardiovascular diseases,  stroke  ( stroke ) in the elderly, reduce cholesterol, protect the blood system, help brain development. Better without salt or abuse. Like everything.


Chiropractic in the sport every day is gaining popularity thanks to its performance benefits for athletes. A study published in the Journal of Chiropractic Research and Chiropractor Florence SC Research, said that chiropractic treatment can improve athletic performance by up to 16.7% over a period of two weeks.

“Whatever the sport, the body undergoes physical impacts and requirements affecting the spine and muscles,” said Colby King, Doctor of Chiropractic QuiroLife Colombia. “The impact is as comparable as when a ball bounces off the head of a footballer to 100 km / hour,” he added.

While it would normally go to the chiropractor for back pain and neck caused by injuries resulting from the practice of any contact sport, or injuries to other parts of the body, many studies have shown that chiropractic treatment helps athletes recover from injuries without the need for painkillers or invasive surgery.

Chiropractic is a health profession naturally focused on bone and muscle problems, based on the elimination of interference that impede the proper flow of nerve impulses. also help and are young or old, we are sick or healthy, fit or not. For athletes, chiropractic has special benefits, such as treatment and prevention of injuries. On the other hand it is increasingly common to find athletes who have at his side with a renowned chiropractor to have your adjustment before each competition and obtain the best brands.

Athletes and competitive athletes, victory or defeat in milliseconds are played, so you have to be in full physical and mental faculties. So much so, that in countries where chiropractic has more presence, especially in the United States, high-level athletes and Olympic teams are usually under chiropractic treatment.

In football we also have a reference to note, team Italian AC Milan football has experienced a reduction in injuries of their players 90%, since the Doctor of Chiropractic Jean Pierre Meersseman has become the head of the medical team .

Effectiveness of Chiropractic when common injuries in athletes:

– Headaches: A study from Duke University in 2001 came concluded that 60-90 percent of all pains “spinal manipulation got an almost immediate relief from headaches that originate in the neck.” head are related joint pain (neck) and chiropractic treatments offer significant relief.

-Injuries Ankle: A joint study of JMPT (Journal of Manipulative and Pysiological Teherapeutics) and physiological therapists found that chiropractic care of ankle sprains helped increase motion, decrease pain and get a better ankle function.

-Prevention Injury: An Australian study in BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders found that Australian football athletes who resorted to chiropractic care had fewer leg injuries than those who did not.

Other scientific studies indicate that the most important benefits can be summarized as follows:

– Improvements in attention span.

– Reaction time, movement time.

– Blood flow.

– Improvements vital as blood pressure and exchange of oxygenated blood.

– In addition to allowing optimum performance, performance, and excellent results in the process of recovery / healing.

Chiropractors not only treat injuries have occurred once, but also prevent their occurrence. Chiropractic adjustments involved in health care, independently of the presence or absence of particular symptoms, optimizing the performance of the organism. “It is as well as fewer injuries, faster recovery if it occurs at the same time an increase in performance is achieved,” concluded Dr. King.

Get Help With A Personal Coaching On How To Play Chess

If you want to train with a personal coaching, to take lessons with him in addition to those offered on the site, or learn differently, NLP Coaching can put you in relation with coaches in your area resulting from home, or giving courses online.

For courses on the internet, it is possible to order courses at home, away, you just have to be equipped with a webcam, skype (free), good connection (adsl recommended) and sound on your computer.

You just have to make a registration (free) to the site initially, in order to contact us, and then select and hire your coach.

Otherwise, we can put you in touch with a coach moving home.

You can thus benefit from professional advice considered the best web specialists and qualified coaches officiating near you.


If you want to see your own games analyzed by a coach, receive personalized advice based on what you played, and what you will encounter in your future parties, whether you play well or in which areas you can progress.

There will be explained the arrangements to permit request an analysis of game played, and in case of validation from you, it will be returned a link to a fully narrated video that will explain all the ideas and all existing opportunities within the part.


A list of coaches associated with the site “Chess for all” is being prepared, and will appear soon to registered users. You can then contact them to avail of their services and their personalized recommendations.


You can also, in addition, if you wish, enjoy a very personalized monitoring and specify your particular wishes or expectations, if you wish to make an additional precision, kindly visit and get a quotation to this website

For example, about your level or your desired goal in chess, how you premium would hope first proceed to learn to play chess (eg, depending on how much time around you have, or if you do already part of a club, this kind of elements).


You will be able to specify the information, including the following criteria:
– your initial level.
– Your eventual goal.

The role of your future coach and how learn best in general:

If you used that explains patiently, or if you prefer “speeder”. If it is to encourage you a little, or if you need anyone to motivate you. If you like to look and understand for yourself.If he can suggest exercises and more, after the course to improve yourself faster. If you prefer it to listen to your questions, or if you trust him, and you prefer it explains everything from the start. And finally, if it should go instead to the essential, to the general, or the examples and characteristics.

The content you are looking for, if you have a preference for a set of sector or theme:

– Final
– Openings
– The middle game
– Tactics, strategy
– Specific preparations
– An introduction and an overview of the game
– Analyses parts (champions or yours)
– Make an overview of openings before making a choice
– Make an overview of different play areas

10 brain benefits of playing chess

Chess is a game-science that promotes exercise and development of several mental skills in addition to training of scientific thought , as those who play it are subjected to constant testing of hypotheses to verify or discard. This game, considered a sport by the International Olympic Committee , it promotes intellectual and recreational while promotes socialization and respect for the norms and standards among practitioners aspects. Meet below 10 reasons why chess is good for the brain .



1 – Raise your IQ

Many studies have shown how after a while playing chess can rise systematically Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of a person, such like using pilula fatorgenius; in addition to improving problem-solving skills, reading skills, language, math and memorization.

To make matters worse chess practice also promotes the development of creativity and originality , helping people and make more accurate and quick decisions at times when they are under pressure. It has also been shown that the frequent practice helps students improve their grades and promotes concentration . So far we have enough reasons to start practicing, but still there are many more!


2 – Help prevent Alzheimer’s

The brain is a muscle and as such should be exercised. A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine by Dr. Robert Freidland ensures that people over 75 who during his life had played chess are much more prepared to fight Alzheimer’s , dementia and other mental impairment ; contrary to what happens to people who have not exercised your mind in any way, they become more prone to brain age faster.


3 – Exercise both cerebral hemispheres

According to a recent study by two German researchers at the University of Tubingen  and published in the journal PLoS One both players experts and novices alike use both hemispheres of the brain to play a game . This result surprised even the researchers themselves, because they thought the left would be the predominant.


4 – Improvement creativity

Dr. Robert Ferguson conducted a study called “critical development and creative thinking through chess” where he found after 32 weeks the entire group of chess players won improvements in all areas of creativity , demonstrating significant growth in what Regarding originality.

Polish Samuel Reshevsky was one of the great masters chess players of America and the world. As he learned to play the four years the nickname of “chess prodigy child” won.

5 – Power Memory

Repeated studies have failed to demonstrate that students who play chess are known for their good memory in all subjects; and that is obviously very necessary to use this ability to be a good chess player.


6 – Help solve problems

Play chess involves developing this skill as an essential condition, as well as determine how to solve the moves of partner difficulty of added time.


7 – Increase reading skills

A study conducted by Dr. Stuart Margulies in 1991 about 53 primary schools in New York showed that children who participated in the chess program for 2 years vastly improved their reading ability , surpassing the national average.


8 – Facilitates concentration

This condition is another essential in a player because it is a discipline that requires great concentration , in which competitors can be absorbed for hours trying to solve a game, ignoring everything that is happening around him at that time .


9 – grow dendrites

The dendrites of neurons are structures which are involved in the reception of stimuli ; chess practice helps these connections between neurons grow.


10 – Teaches planning and forecasting

Strategy games are an excellent way to develop the prefrontal cortex, the area responsible for planning and anticipate events, self – control and good judgment; so it is involved in thedecision-making of any area of life.

Instagram: Charlie Riina, the hottest player in the world of chess

Charlie Riina is a model of 21 years before turning to the catwalks, was a chess prodigy and winner of tournaments girl.

Charlie Riina is a prodigy on the runways and chess. (Photo: Instagram)

The trend among models have a career with his work on the runways is increasing, but the case of Charlie Riina is unique, as you can see on your account Instagram . It is not only a professional in forensic science, but is also a chess prodigy.

Its original name is Anna Ewa Krosnika. Born in Poland, since childhood was a child prodigy, with an extremely high IQ, and from an early age showed an aptitude for chess, participating and winning some tournaments. Then she learnt How to use Instagress to improve her Instagram followers and become more well-known.

Now living in Toronto, Canada, he skipped several courses at school because of her enormous intellectual capacity and went to college before many other students.

However, as he continued his college career, he entered the world of modeling. It was named ‘Miss Hawaiian Tropic’ twice won the ‘Miss Toronto’ Award and has been featured in several publications. She has also posed for Playboy and FHM, and delights fans with their photos on Instagram .


Chess and finance, a well-matched couple

Chess and finance have common skills, it is not difficult to understand: the management strategy, the ability to make decisions under pressure, speed and logical thinking. Perhaps more surprising to know that headhunters chess players tend to prevail when recruiting professional market analysis. Or that big business and finance gurus master the technique and skills of chess and draw parallels what has led to the practice of chess and strategy in finance or business life.

Alan Trefler, chairman of computer engineering Business Pegasystems, listed on the Nasdaq, chess player confession from seven years and even now playing a game with teachers from the likes of Kasparov. His vision of the game and business are converging: “Business processes are very similar to chess,” he says.”First look at the board, absorb the data, recognize patterns, analyze it, you develop a strategy and continuously after you check and develop this strategy as the game”. Other great chess players were John Harsanyi, Nobel laureate in economics in 1994, Barron Hilton, American businessman and co-chairman of the Hilton hotel chain, Kenneth Rogoff, former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund; or the American Ron Henley, a consultant for large Wall Street firms and bookkeeper brisbane.

In Spain recently convened the first contest chess and linking finance and tests the skills of the participants to be measured in both subjects. The inciciativa the portal of financial information and finance, The restless investor, the head of which is María Jesús Soto, director of the office Inversis in Leon and author of “My first book on economics’ and backed the Chess tournament Magistral Ciudad de León.

The qualities or abilities are shared by both materials, as Soto notes, “that in both, the strategy that is being addressed and monitoring is made of it, will be decisive for the success or failure of the outcome.Both must also fully develop qualities such as objectivity, prudence, initiative and patience. ”

In his view, the image we have of different traders, pure activity and adrenaline; and chess, all calm and concentration, is not entirely true: “In practice it is not so, if analyzed from the psychological point of view. The chess is under enormous pressure, with very high levels of stress, even when apparently calm during the game. Sometimes you have to make decisions very precipitated by lack of time or weakness in your position. In fact, in the chess world is well known the aggressiveness of the sport, it becomes a real battle every game, similar to every day in the world of business or financial operations. “

Detail for the house of a chess player

Long time did not write any article in our section for details and the truth is that it is a section which I love, because items which includes, for the home, usually original and very funny as the bank that I present today.

It’s called Congo Squares Bench and is intended for those who can not live without playing chess. The bank is both a piece of furniture for home and one game. It has built on its surface and insured by orange county water damage and lets take a game at any time board.

details chess 2

Own pieces are part of the bank , fit into the holes in its surface given around and take the time to play. The bank is fully functional as such but is it as board and now that summer arrives we can get to the terrace or garden for a game outdoors.

Promotion and dissemination of chess for women

As we know, the game of chess began officially practiced by and among women from the Middle Ages. Their participation in the game of kings is usually limited to it can be done at home with his “divine” spouse or see it as a pretty fun with a friend.

Painting of Frederick Judd Waugh

Fellow citizens, who heard about “the chess activities” of women with her husband or marriage candidate, saw in these meetings together, provided they were not husband, a serious step towards the foundation of a family.

We comment that chess was already in their time a good opportunity to get along with the applicant on the board.

In line with the professor of economic history in London and Cambridge, Mrs. Eileen Powers, young family taught accommodated a monastic education learning the following subjects:

• read and write

• storytelling, reading romantic books and poems review

• know the womenswear, Rosh Maternal and appropriate clothing

• improve behavior and express themselves correctly

• be perceptive

• know teach teaching and …

• play chess


This :

Following the more than regrettable fact that women’s participation in open tournaments is far from satisfactory, perhaps because they are very young, middle-aged or older women, this article is intended to serve as advertising to the promotion and dissemination chess for women .


Our beloved and ladies:

Think Udes .for once on the following arguments: “In times that are characterized by the busy life, consumerism, foreign determination and a highly endowed diversionary measures, the importance to a compensative activities for the general reflection and self-reflection.

In this aspect, the game offers multiple possibilities lajedrez.

Painting John Lavery

Regardless of the positive effect on memory training, it contains a lot of creative people aspects.

artistic nuances, scientific and sports in chess, educational individual moments that have effects both in society and solidarity are.

For these reasons, chess can make an important contribution to support training and education in schools ….

It is never too late to learn chess!

Although the methods have changed and the form of teaching from the Middle Ages to today and have not yet reached past successes in schools, we present below a series of silhouettes, that aim to reflect, they dare and actually become the subject of chess:


All silhouettes from © Sarah’s Chess Journal

Is not it wonderful to know by chess?

PD Moreover, nobody demands that young talent to the level of beauty reproduced below:

Anibal Lopez painting Lenci

11 films and documentaries for passionate chess

chess Peli

16 pieces per player and a board of 64 squares. That’s all it takes to play chess, a board game with even more history and is considered sport . Whether you’re an expert like you’re just a rookie, then we offer you a collection of films and documentaries related to this world consulted by from stories of great players, through the Cold War also it took place on the boards and even how chess unites and helps slum schools offer hope to their students.

Brooklyn Castle (documentary, 2012)

“Imagine a school where the most popular children belong … the chess team.” Fiction? No: the true story of a small institute of Brooklyn . Most students live below the poverty line and chess is for them an escape. In recent years they have been proclaimed over and over national champions and, in fact, the institute is the most championships won throughout its history.

The documentary focuses on the story of five of his students for a year, showing not only how the chess program your school has been affected by the many budget cuts, but also the difficulties and personal challenges that these guys must overcome day to day. It was very well received among criticsafter being screened at various festivals, which has helped him to be set at Sony history and acquired the rights to make a movie .

Bobby Fischer Against the World (documentary, 2011)

Another documentary, although in this case on one of the most popular players in history not only features interviews of many of his peers, but also shows for the first time never before seen footage of the World Chess Championship 1972 it was decided with what was then known as the Game of the Century between Fischer and Russian Boris Spassky archenemy. “One of the most beautiful films ever shot about chess ,” says Federico Marin Bellon.

Pawn Sacrifice (movie, 2015)

If you still want to know more about Bobby Fischer and his story, the film ‘Pawn Sacrifice’ focuses precisely on your life and how, unwittingly, he was stuck in the Cold War between the two superpowers of the time. Tobey Maguire gives life to the protagonist, while Liev Schreiber has been chosen to play Boris Spassky. You are able to watch this film on putlocker movies.

Searching for Bobby Fischer (film, 1993)

Although named after Bobby Fischer in the title, it has nothing to do with chess known (in fact, it is said that it complained to use their name without permission). Instead, ‘Searching for Bobby Fischer’ tellsthe story of Joshua Waitzkin , a child prodigy who existed (and still exists) in reality. His father wrote a book about the chess world, which is where the film is based. And darling, because if you’re a fan of this discipline, you will find a popular teacher cameo along the tape.

Is your argument? Basically Waitzkin life after his family discovered he had a knack for chess and hire a teacher to teach you how to take advantage of their ability to become the next world champion.Throughout the game various items that have been are analyzed retrospectively by other players.However, some criticize several major flaws that it has and that may go unnoticed to the untrained eye.

Computer Chess (movie, 2013)

A strange comedy , shot in black and white to give more authenticity (no, not a documentary but want to seem). It is set in the 80s, when players began to play against some computers. Its directorconfesses in an interview that they had only a draft script for eight pages and most of the dialogue is improvised, so you can imagine the improvisation that is present at all times in the final result.

As a result, and also be such a specific subject, the reviews have been rather different : some criticize and much while others believe that it is one of the best comedies of recent times. Chances are that you like if you’re an avid chess or computers (preferably both), but if you can not be quite heavy and boring.

The Dark Horse (film, 2014)

Project originating from New Zealand swept all national awards (and took occasional international) in 2014. The story, though it is told in the form of film is inspired by the life and work of Genesis Potini a popular chess with bipolar disorder trying to teach the underprivileged youth in your community to play chess to prevent them from becoming criminals.

Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine (documentary, 2003)

For those who do not understand much about chess, yes there is a time in recent years with which we are familiar: the “battle” between Kasparov and Deep Blue . In 1996, this machine designed by IBM faced for the first time against Garry Kasparov, one of the best players in history. He won a game, but Kasparov emerged victorious in the series. Things changed in 1997 with Deep Blue crowned as the first machine that won a World Chess Championship.

However, Kasparov was not entirely happy with the result and even hinted that the movements of Deep Blue had a touch of creativity, something impossible for a machine with artificial intelligence that could be explained only by the intervention of a human. The HBO documentary echoes these accusations and analyzes the controversy that then arose, interviews with Kasparov himself, people from IBM and other experts.

Long Live the Queen (children’s film, 1995)

It will not win an Oscar because it is not no big deal, but this Dutch film 1995 can be a good way tostart in chess to the smallest of the house. Tells the story of a girl with a great imagination he misses his father, a chess champion who has just seen. He decides to learn to play but it does very peculiar way: through a story and enchanted pieces that you can talk.

Geri’s Game (short, 1997)

It was the first Pixar short (that position is occupied ‘ Luxo Jr. ‘, 1986), but it is one of the most popular films of the history of animation studio. However, it does pioneered on one thing: it was the first time that Pixar was a human being in a short.

In ‘Geri’s Game’ is an old man playing with himself in a game of chess intensively it develops in a park.It was screened in some cinemas in 1997, but his breakthrough came in 1998 after being included in the VHS and DVD ‘Bugs’. So much was the impact of the short film was the Oscar for Best Animated Short , among many other international awards.

Chess Fever (movie, 1925)

A silent and in black and white movie recorded in Russia 1925 which is defined as “a story of love, obsession … and Chess”. Although the style does not call too, it will seem rather curious that use somereal images recorded during the annual tournament that year. Jose Raul Capablanca , a Cuban chess player, plays the protagonist, while also reveal, among others, Frank Marshall , Rudolf Spielmann , Carlos Torre and Frederick Yates .

Dangerous Moves (film, 1984)

French-Swiss co-production in 1984 was nominated for several international awards , including the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film and a Golden Globe for best foreign film, although none of the awards did not take. The story takes place in 1983, during the celebration of a prestigious chess tournament also staged political tensions that existed at that time. In fact, although the title oversight, we have a new mistranslation on his arrival in Spain ( ‘La Diagonale du Fou’ in the original French, it should be ‘The diagonal of the bishop’ in Castilian, but “fou” also means “crazy”).

While it is a fiction film, it has several parallels with some events on chess actually occurred, as explained by the criticism of Beatlespock in Filmaffinity :

The film makes numerous nods to real chess events: the Match of the Century between Spassky and Fischer Reykyavik in 1972 and the World Chess Championship 1978 between Anatoli Karpov and Viktor Korchnoi. Pavius ​​Fromm (Alexandre Arbatt) is a kind of mixture of the great Bobby Fischer and Korchnoi, a Russian-Swiss; and Liebskind (Michel Piccoli) and his cohort of teachers surely represents the purest Soviet faction manipulated at will to its ablest citizens in favor of communist supremacy. Recall the role of Karpov vs. Kasparov in his memorable duels 80, immobility against perestroika. ( Critique of Beatlespock in BFI ).

Bonus Track: If you like chess and you’re curious about some of the scenes with board and tokens of players, I recommend this collection , where they analyze the positions on the board and also some blunders.

A photograph, two possible futures and a game of chess

” The one of the 26 people in photo only remain active in the game five, which was previously known, which were part of the same union, and therefore shared a similar vision of politics, is the less flashy ” says Carlos Egio

. Circle can in Murcia at which tore training in Murcia / Photo: Carlos Egio.

I have not chosen this photograph as an excuse for an article because I bring to mind a good memory, it does; nor because I evoke times of strength, joy and friendship, as well. In reality it is costing me a snapshot look, which is no other than the image of failure, of what could be and was not, with all that entails learning.

In the picture we appear many who, one way or another, we can get involved to move forward in Murcia before the European elections. We came from very different political traditions, various militants and activists, or were simply outraged experiences and thought it was time to end evictions and privatizations, with the disappearance of public services, labor exploitation, with the plundering of nature, with institutional xenophobia and gender inequality.

As with most things, the image can be interpreted in many ways, but there are some ideas that, at least for a good reflection. That of the 26 people in photo only remain active in the game five, which was previously known, which were part of the same union, and therefore shared a similar vision of politics, it is the less flashy.

So it is that the remaining twenty has a dozen people who have been branded as “unfair” and “traitors”; one expelled from the party, with more than dubious arguments, and, above all, citizens disenchanted that gradually we decided that was not his space, they spent in the best of illusion to indifference.

The expressions of joy on our faces, especially absences, remind us that everything has been in a match that made a good read 15M, which managed to mobilize many and many getting into the political arena, even without all clear that what we were doing, but has slowly been losing strength as it became institutionalized. Like the movie of the eighties, almost all of us have become blurred boston photographer while changing the future. Make no mistake, nobody believed in this present because we will win the elections.

True, those who have succeeded in primary and feedback have the legitimacy of the majority, also those who have lost will have to bear the result although we do not like or forms or arrogance. But it can not be ignored that the spectacular increase in abstention at each visit we are failing those who have worked at some point in starting this project.

The leaders, who came out of the primary, they have to keep up and take, to do something about it, have left a majority can identify with. Photo disappeared workers, precarious students, unemployed, housewives and teachers and officials were. So it named precisely disappeared mainstreaming. And that’s fine, 16% in the polls is not negligible, but aspired to more. Who can now run because we are going, they are required to win the election and for that will have to refill the photo of excited people with a project.

We do not need a DeLorean like McFly, or a mad doctor, although certain dose of madness not come wrong. Now Madrid, Barcelona Commune, the Atlantic tides and the other candidates in local government show the way forward to reverse the process. Simply put above party fetishes what united us, between us and the rest of society, remember that the goal remains “to end evictions and privatizations, with the disappearance of public services, labor exploitation with the plundering of nature, with the institutionalized xenophobia and gender inequality. ” That will require all hands, heads and teeth possible.

Okay comrades, we can belong to you, you have won our Iberian version of Game of Thrones, but economic powers, really, do not follow the series, and we’ve checked with Syriza. To that we can only overcome together. Remember “it is not time but a move waivers and add, offering tools to indignation and desire for change.” It’s time to start playing seriously, but now everyone, the photo and those who had never approached can. The hand is still stretched, we are required to do well this time, to do it now in common.

Care for …


Black has decided to threaten the lady with her white horse.

But they did not take into account the overwhelming response of these.

White to play and win.